Real Clear News August 22, 2017

Details Few, But Trump Vows to ‘Win’ in Afghanistan Pivot. Alexis Simendinger and James Arkin have the story, along with mixed congressional reaction to the president’s plan.

New Strategy a Defining Moment for Mattis. Sandra Erwin reports on the defense secretary’s role in shaping the policy announced last night.

Feud With Trump Shifts to Flake’s Home Turf in Arizona. Caitlin Huey-Burns previews the president’s appearance in Phoenix tonight, where he’s expected to further criticize the local GOP senator who faces a tough re-election race.

First 200 Days: Where Are Trump’s Wins? In this video, Tom Bevan, Tony Mills and Sandra Erwin spotlight the president’s accomplishments through executive action.

The Sunday Six. RCP’s video roundup of Sunday talk shows is here.

When the New York Times Sides With Trump. RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny argues that the free trade decried by the president is the biggest driver of the inequality that the Times editorial board abhors.

Income Diversity Is Key to Improving Education. In RealClearPolicy, Robert Cherry takes issue with standard explanations of why schools in high-poverty black neighborhoods are lagging behind.

Can Technology Help Prevent Improper Pell Payments? In RealClearEducation, Amy Glynn explains how the Department of Education can modernize and protect its billions of dollars in student loans and grants.

Decoding PTSD With a Retired Army Officer Who Has It. Will Levith has the story in RealClearLife.

Severe Food Allergies: New Data on the Rising Issue. At RealClearHealth, Robin Gelburd analyzes the data showing insurance claims for allergic reactions have risen by 377 percent in the last decade.

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