It seems, that at least above the surface, Tennessee representatives are not rushing in to throw even more money at its failing golf courses.

“Senators yesterday balked at a plan for the state to take over the operation of four struggling golf courses in state parks.

The state Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee declined to approve the Department of Environment and Conservation’s request immediately to add more than 80 workers at the four Jack Nicklaus-designed “Bear Trace” courses to the state payroll.”

So why did are Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses failing?

“Critics have said the courses aren’t more popular because they were politically situated in rural areas instead of more accessible areas. The Chickasaw course, for example, is 20 miles from Interstate 40 in the state Senate district of Lt. Gov. John Wilder.”

Now this gives me pause….. Golf is a wonderful sport, I know I played it growing up around Jackson for years. I gave the sport up in high school and later rediscovered it in my thirties. I stopped playing the game with the death of my father. All of this gets away from my point. Of all the years I played golf, only twice have I played on a pubic course. Once at Kentucky Lake State Park and the other at Jones in Jackson. All of the other times I played, which was a substantial, were at private courses. Which tells us that golf is a viable economic sport that can and does support itself after everyone has done their homework.

Courses today are available everywhere in areas that can support the sport financially. So why should the state or city or a county define the need to build a course of their own? What purpose would it serve other than to take resources away from those that have built courses already? And in the case of Tennessee’s courses take money from the taxpayers.

Others writers have dwelled on the point that it was location, some harp on the “Good Ole Boy Network”, I however tend to remind each and one that government’s involvement in private enterprise is a step toward complete socialism or to be more accurate communism; where the state owns and controls it all.

If you are deceived into believing that the state control golf courses are failing because of location then you had better be careful because any quick turn and you might run into a pole with those kind of blinders on.

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