Dogs Euthanized After Virus Outbreak

by Marcus Washington

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. – A deadly virus outbreak has forced Robertson County Animal Control to shut down after a serious case of Canine Parvovirus.

This past weekend, officers with the county’s animal control discovered a dog was diagnosed with Canine Parvovirus, most commonly referred to as Parvo.

“Won’t eat or drink, they might vomit up yellow foam and that’s going to be your first signs,” said Shelter Director David Blackwood.

The facility was full of dogs and the virus spread quickly because it is highly contagious. Officials said two dogs were found dead in their kennels on Monday.

“I have a vet that’s on my committee and I consulted him about it and he said, if I come back in on Tuesday with two more cases, I need to put everything down and start cleaning the building,” said Blackwood.

By Tuesday, Blackwood said he was forced to euthanize 12 dogs and immediately start cleaning up.

“I am bleaching the kennel completely from top to bottom; sterilizing that gate and everything,” he said.

The facility will be closed until next week as they continue sterilizing the area. Anyone who has adopted a dog from Robertson County Animal Control within the past two weeks has been contacted.

The virus dehydrates the animal and while veterinarians can treat sick dogs, there is not a 100% guarantee of recovery.

The cost for treatment is around $15,000.


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