Aldous Huxley, “Brave New World” (1931); Ayn Rand, “Anthem” (1937); George Orwell, “Animal Farm” (1945) & the novel “1984” (written in 1949)……for examples.

One reason might be they were not subjected to Political Correctness but were indeed predicting it in various forms due to their individual abilities to logically project future outcomes from past and present societal trends.

In “Brave New World” Huxley foresaw an American tyrannical society complete with “official” recreational sex along with the total breakdown of the family unit, complete with hatcheries for test tube 00babies (pre-cradle to grave government control) who are preselected for certain occupations/positions in life—from elites to dishwashers by nameless bureaucrats.

Just as Melissa Harris-Perry, a professor at Tulane, proudly announced on TV recently that your child is not yours, it belongs to the community, in essence “Everyone belongs to everyone else”…exactly as Huxley described the “Brave New World”.  The professor publicly espouses belief in the same values and techniques of “Brave New World”…and don’t forget Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes A Village”!

Also in the novel, everyone is addicted to free “Soma” (mood elevator), the purpose of which is of course to keep independent thinking and questioning suppressed.  No one is allowed out of their predetermined perimeters…adios individuality.  Sound familiar?

In “Anthem” Rand foresaw the death of individualism and rational self-interest, sacrificed to the Collective (selflessness=virtue, give back to community, make a difference in today’s jargon). She projected a world where excellence was considered unfair (affirmative action, set-asides, quotas?) and brilliance was punished…too much brilliant independent thinking could get one burned at the stake/a new “Dark Ages”.

Certain words were banished such as the words “I” & “self” (anything indicating the individual)…replaced by “we” & “ourselves” celebrating the Collective.  In this selfless, joyless existence no family units are allowed and everyone assigned occupations regardless of abilities, ambitions or desires by faceless, nameless members of various ministries (bureaucracies, e.g. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Human Resources).  Equality meant one size fits all. (Public schools, NCLB, Goals 2000, now Common Core, etc.)

In Anthem people were assigned numbers instead of names which further destroys individuality. The hero has a brilliant mind but is assigned to street sweeping. He accidentally stumbles upon remnants from a past industrialized world and he begins to mentally put the pieces together regarding the age-old war of the individual versus the collective (Aristotle vs. Plato; Individualism vs. Communism). Sound familiar?  Due to his
rediscovery of the concept of self he manages to escape the confines of the captive dark city into the “wilderness” and learns to survive in freedom and reestablishes rational self-interest and the beginning of a new

Orwell foresaw the future with an analogy to an Animal Farm where the inhabitants take over control of the farm in order to make sure everything is equally fair to every resident…the only problem was that it
logically led to some Animals being “more equal than others”.  Sound familiar?

In “1984” Orwell then predicted a total surveillance society (NSA recording phone & emails of millions; IRS targeting patriot groups; TSA searching innocent plane passengers; ATF walking guns to criminals; FBI &
CIA intrusive programs; 30,000 Drones spying on U.S. residents) with Big Brother watching every move everyone makes.  (Sounds very familiar doesn’t it?)

The bureaucracies were called “ministries” which monitored & controlled all aspects of life, e.g. the Ministry of Truth whose job it was to rewrite history, change word definitions and even ban certain words to fit the
Collective philosophy.   (Political Correctness)  (Examples: crippled=physically impaired, postman=post person, Negro=African American, stewardess=flight attendant, waitress=server, retarded=mentally challenged, fireman=fire fighter, personnel=human resources, fat=obese, retarded=special needs, lie=mispoke)

The masses were required to attend propaganda presentations which depicted their deadly enemies and invoked rage and jingoism so they would continue to approve the “eternal war for eternal peace”. (False Flag incidents involving death and/or destruction; War on Terror; attacks on sovereign countries built on lies; our government supplying rebels to give excuse to overthrowing regimes)   Sound familiar?

A few past quotes illustrate elite’s view of war & troops: Henry Kissinger—“Military men are just dumb animals, stupid animals”.  G. W. Bush—“I don’t feel sorry for them, they volunteered”.

Then there was Secretary of State Madeline Albright on “60 Minutes” on May 12, 1996:

Stahl: “We have heard that a half a million children have died [because of sanctions against Iraq]. I mean that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And–you know, is the price worth it?”

Albright: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.”

Whatever happened to the Enlightenment?  Yes, the Enlightenment…the ability to reason, to logically make connections to foresee results, putting aside normal human compassion for a moment, what would
one think would happen if a foreign country suddenly started shooting missiles into your town, killing and destroying your friends, families, homes?  Would you say, gee thanks?

Yet we have leaders, pundits, the media, etc. constantly propagandizing the public into believing the U.S. must “make the world safe for democracy”… blowing up entire areas??? Not only unrealistic but insane.  Not only that, but to think people will not react, will not try to fight back, not to expect “blowback” is further insanity.   Consider the self-righteous warmongers who eagerly place our military in harm’s way and
callously use them as cannon fodder while spouting “patriotism” to fire up the low information masses.

So here we are, entering the culmination of what Huxley, Rand, & Orwell foresaw and predicted.  A Collectivist world in which the individual is sacrificed to the group, where corruption, betrayal, brutality reign and life is becoming joyless, grim, and in constant fear.

~Barbara McCutchen

Excellent short explanation of “1984” by Rand Paul:

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