Owner Fined After Dog Found Roaming Free

LEBANON, Tenn. – A mid-state pet owner is in trouble for the second time in less than a month.

Last month, one of Andy Poston’s dogs had to be euthanized after reportedly attacking one of his neighbors, Jane Counts.

“I came around the corner and the next thing I know, the dog is on me on my ankle and calf,” Counts said last month about the attack.

Earlier this week, Counts found another one of Poston’s dogs roaming the neighborhood. While the dog did not attack her, police said she brought the dog into her garage until Poston picked it up.

The Lebanon Police Department wants homeowners to be responsible dog owners.

“As a homeowner and as a pet owner, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure you have that animal under control,” said Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bowen.

Neighbors like John Pirtle said they’re concerned dogs are roaming the streets in the neighborhood.

“My kids are running around the neighborhood and playing all the time,” said Pirtle. “I would hate if somebody had a vicious dog that could injure one of my kids.”

Poston could face fines when he goes before the judge on July 10.

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