Watching Europe Fall

Send by a friend.  This is a very lucid presentation of what’s happening in Europe.

Watch this video, 11:20 long, worth every minute of your time.

By the way, sometimes biblically illiterate liberals will invoke Jesus’s words about loving your neighbor and turning the other cheek, imploring governments to follow these commands that are clearly meant for individual social interaction, not national policy.  Show me one verse where a country did this in response to an invading force (which is clearly what Islam is, naive protestations from the left notwithstanding) and survived.

Islam destroys everything in its path.  Its definition of peace is submission to it.  It has been a scourge of the earth since its inception.  Europe is finding this out firsthand, despite repeated warnings, and despite overwhelming evidence that it’s true.

This should be a cautionary tale for America, if we would just discard the idiocy of political correctness and cultural Marxism that has led to it.

In Christ,

Fred III

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