D.A. King needs our help and $$$


I rarely send out any posts asking for donations  – those few I do send out are for those issues I can personally vouch for.
I was blessed to meet and get to know D.A. and his wife Sue when I lived in TN.  We went to several of his rallies in GA as that was almost *next door*.  Also got to spend time visiting at the last big Tea Party Rally hosted by Russ & Dee Fine in Birmingham, AL and have many snap shots I took of us there.
I can’t say enough for the massive amount of fruitful work D.A. has put forth and how faithful he has been to this effort of ILLEGAL INVADERS.  He gave up so much to devote his time and efforts to this cause to save America from the invaders and the politicians who seem determined to destroy America.

If you can send some $$$ to D.A. I encourage you to do so. He reaches so many folks, mostly in GA but outside the state as well.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

Secure American Borders – Enforce American laws
The Dustin Inman Society
A coalition of citizens for a secure Georgia
“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics
is that you end up being governed by your inferiors” -Plato

We need your help.

As we hope you know, I set aside my own business in 2003 and created the Dustin Inman Society to fight illegal immigration and have spent our savings to do so. I work full time in this effort.

I am very proud of our success. We have seen several laws put in place in Georgia and we have helped stop several amnesty attempts. We are now working on actually seeing laws be enforced. The illegal alien lobby – funded by corporate Georgia, including Coca-Cola and Georgia Power – hates us. The liberal Georgia media has decided it is better to not give us any publicity. We regard this as a badge of honor.
If you want to see who finances the anti-borders, amnesty lobby, click HERE.

The Dustin Inman Society is in dire need of a new website and I am out of personal funds to make that happen. DIS is in debt.

I cannot tell you how humiliating it is to ask for financial help, but that is what I am forced to do. If you are able, I hope you will consider making a tax deductible contribution to our fund to overhaul our website which was created in 2005 and is completely out of date.

How to make a tax deductible contribution

Your donation will be tax deductible if you make it as instructed HERE. Please note there are other ways to donate below, but this is the only method by which your help is tax deductible.


you can use the GoFundMe page HERE, however doing it that way will not allow you to use your contribution as a tax deduction.


You can use PayPal, HERE but again, contributing this way is not tax deductible.

We are grateful for any help.

Be sure to check the DIS Blog for current updates, as well as the DIS Facebook page.


D.A. King

The Dustin Inman Society

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