Coming from the Left side of the Road: Get The Weapons Of War Off Our Streets. Make Your Voice Heard For Gun Sanity Now

From the Pen we have an appeal for removing guns. Yes it is strictly emotional but that is what drives the left….

Weapons of war on our streets have turned out streets into war zones.

What could be more self-evident? Now only the biggest gun massacres make the news, because multiple gun murders have become a daily event.

There is absolutely no sane justification for any civilian to have an assault weapon, a high capacity magazine, and certainly not automatic gun conversion stocks on our streets. And it is irresponsible lunacy not to have comprehensive background checks.

Speak out now to your members of Congress of BOTH parties, for it is not just Republicans who have blocked this, and tell to do what they are supposed to do, pass laws that protect public safety. Please submit the new action page now.

Get The Weapons Of War Off Our Streets:

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Not even the extreme right winger, former Supreme Court Justice Scalia, supported turning our streets into a war zone full of automatic weapons. Even in writing the Heller decision, he restricted his endorsement of the 2nd Amendment to a hand gun in the confines of protecting your own home.

Some gun murder apologists say that background checks would not have caught this mass murder over here, or an assault weapons ban would not have stopped some other mass murder over there, their point being that nothing can be done (according to them) because no single measure would have stopped ALL of these tragedies.

But the point is that a comprehensive agenda of getting weapons of war off our streets WOULD make our streets dramatically safer overall for everybody.

Right off the top, banning so-called bump stocks, high capacity magazines, and assault weapons, each standing alone, would all have lessened the carnage in Las Vegas. There is a serious question whether the mass assassin there would have even attempted to do what he did without all of these things.

We had a assault weapons ban before. Somehow civilians managed to protect themselves without these sex toys of death. It’s time to ban them again, permanently, as has been done so successfully in Australia.

Having background checks for registered gun dealers only, while those at guns shows don’t even bother, is like trying to catch water in a sieve, and then throwing up your hands and pretending there is no way to ever catch water. There should be NO gun sales except through a registered gun dealer.

We say even private gun sales must be through a registered gun dealer, with background checks that way. They must provide an escrow type service as a condition of maintaining their own license.

There was a Republican member of Congress on TV this weekend who flatly stated, “The Second Amendment was put in place to overthrow tyranny.”

Oh, for crying out loud, NO, it was not.

The 2nd Amendment was put in place AFTER the tyranny had been overthrown, and we had our own new United States government in place.

It was never intended to mount an insurrection against our OWN government.

There’s your problem right there, people who are so paranoid, which is to say MENTALLY ILL, that think they need to arm themselves to the teeth because they fear the jack booted feds are about to bust down their doors any minute, and that they are going to have to lead a revolution of one.

When you hear people on the extreme, violence prone right say things like, “If you try to pass any new guns laws there will be a civil war,” as they are doing right now, there could be no stronger argument that people like that should never be allowed within grabbing distance of a deadly weapon. People who try to intimidate us with threats of murderous violence are the first people who should not have guns.

This is about OUR safety. We, the vast majority of peaceful, law abiding people in the United States need protection from people just EXACTLY like that.

Read the actual 2nd Amendment already, without blinders on as big as barn doors.

It begins, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State . . .” For those fluent in the English language, that is a predicate clause. Look up the word “predicate.” Are these words to mean nothing? If so, why are they there?

For the security of a free state, NOT to overthrow it. When have we ever felt more insecure in America? And it is because of the threat of random gun violence against us on our own streets.

A well regulated militia, NOT an unregulated weapons of war stockpiling orgy by lone wolf, loose cannon, would be terrorists.

So please at least submit the action page above.

And if you can make a valiant contribution to help advocate and mobilize for real progressive policy change you can use this page, and you can even make it recurrent by checking the box for that.

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