Commentary: Mike Pence Mocked for Principles the Left Just Can’t Fathom

Cheryl K. Chumley
Posted with permission from The Washington Times

Mike Pence, post-Colts-49ers walkout, has been mocked mercilessly by a vicious left as little more than a media hog and public relations stuntman for daring to leave the game in protest of players’ national anthem kneeling.

The left, the suspicious, mega-partisan, ever-political left, just can’t believe that someone would actually stand on principle.

Their logic? It must be a stunt. Who really cares about the national anthem anyway?

“I don’t think there’s any question about it,” said Stephen A. Smith, sports commentator, explaining on “First Take” his insistence that Pence was simply acting out as part of the White House’s political strategy, Mediaite noted.

Smith went on: “The president has successfully hijacked this issue. He turned it into an issue about patriotism and beyond. He is catering to his base in the process.”

And look at this headline from Deadspin – or, rather, vicious headline.

“Useless Prop Mike Pence Attempts to Explain Taxpayer-Funded PR Stunt,” the news outlet blared.

The leading lines read this way: “Mike Pence tried to be a big strong boy yesterday, walking out of the 49ers-Colts game because a handful of 49ers players knelt during the national anthem, as they have been doing all season. Almost immediately, it was revealed that Pence had planned the stunt well in advance, and thus has taken a plane from Las Vegas to Indiana for the sole purpose of pulling off thumbing his nose at black athletes trying to call attention to systemic oppression.”

Well, not really – it wasn’t actually “revealed.” It was theorized by the left, mostly because it was learned Pence and President Donald Trump spoke prior to the game about the potential for anthem kneeling. But that’s hardly the same as fact-based revelations.

And how’d Pence’s trip move into racist territory, so quickly? Notice: Pence wasn’t just reportedly going to the game to thumb his nose at athletes. Rather, he was going to thumb his nose “at black athletes.”

Nicely done, Deadspin. Blue ribbon for being the first to toss the race card in this Pence intrigue.

San Francisco’s Eric Reid jumped to blast Pence, saying “with the information I have, the last time [Pence’s] been to a Colts game was three years ago, so this looks like a PR stunt to me.”


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