Shorts from Real Clear Politics

Democrats Reject White House Immigration Proposal. James Arkin has the story.

Puerto Rico Can Move Forward — Without the Jones Act. Bill Murray explains why the trade protectionist law has become counterproductive, especially in light of the vast rebuilding required in Puerto Rico.

The GOP Doesn’t Have a Budget Plan. In RealClearPolicy, James C. Capretta takes issue with budget proposals from the House and Senate.

Closing America’s Digital Divide. Also in RCPolicy, Jerry Rogers applauds a new effort to bring broadband to rural areas.

Trump Seeks Managed Trade, Not Free Trade. In RealClearMarkets, Allan Golombek finds little to praise in NAFTA re negotiations.

Weinstein Ran TWC Like a Cheap Insurance Agency. Also in RCM, Jessica Forsythe recalls her difficult days working for the film producer now accused of sexual harassment.

PBS’s ‘The Vietnam War’ Miseducates America. In RealClearDefense, Francis P. Sempa offers a counter-argument to the highly praised documentary series.

Will Business-as-Usual in Acquisition Defeat the U.S. Army? Also in RCD, Daniel Goure asserts that the Army’s chief of staff isn’t making good on promises to change the byzantine system.

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