Briefs from RealClear Politics Thursday, October 12 2017

Can Republicans De-escalate Intra-Party Warfare? James Arkin reports on the many schisms imperiling the GOP despite its supposedly unified control of Congress and the White House.

Trump Administration: Infrastructure Friend or Foe? Blair Levin and Adie Tomer assess the impact of the president’s tax plan on public works projects.

What Colleges Must Do to Promote Diversity — of Thought. Peter Berkowitz weighs in again on the campus free-speech controversy.

The EPA’s Quest to Unravel the Clean Power Plan. In RealClearPolicy, Jay Hakes takes issue with the administration’s reasoning in rolling back Obama’s signature program to combat climate change.

How One Kansas Community Said “No” to Corporate Welfare. Also in RCPolicy, Erica York applauds a local effort to prevent the state from offering generous corporate tax breaks.

Canada Shouldn’t Exacerbate Trump’s Mistakes With Its Own. In RealClearMarkets, Allan Golombek warns Justin Trudeau against ganging up on Mexico.

Why Your Blood Pressure Probably Isn’t as High as Your Doctor Says. RealClearScience editor Ross Pomeroy spotlights a new study pointing to a flaw in BP measurement procedure.

America’s Hidden Gems: Rural, Latino and Gifted Students. In RealClearEducation, Harold Levy and former North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue explain why America must do more to identify and support gifted Hispanic students.

Czech Election: Another Blow to the EU? In RealClearWorld, Janusz Bugajski writes that an emerging populist coalition could win a majority next week, leaving the country more vulnerable to Russian entreaties.

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