As Libs Attack Huckabee Sanders’ Faith, Her Response Has Christians Cheering

BY JOHN FALKENBERG  |   Conservative Tribune

The Washington Post has a long, well-established record of attacking conservatives for darn well anything it pleases.

In a recent story by the publication, published Oct. 11, writer Michelle Boorstein attempted to show the American public what White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is like beyond the press briefings.

It’s every bit as condescending and ridiculous as you’d expect from a Washington Post writer pretending to be open-minded about other people’s beliefs.

The story made a point of talking about Sanders’ faith, however — a subject liberals love nothing more than to harp on — and when Boorstein commented on that, Sanders positively shone.

Boorstein, who first attempted to color the image of Sanders by referencing a snide “Saturday Night Live” portrayal, couldn’t help making Sanders look good.

When Sanders was asked, back in June, whether President Donald Trump was the kind of man she use as an example to her kids, she said the following:

“As a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model. And when I’m asked that question, I point to God. I point to my faith. And that’s where I always tell my kids to look.”

Boorstein almost could have had a sweet moment in showing what Sanders is really like. Instead, she fouled it up badly with an attack on God, evangelicals, and Trump simultaneously.

“Although some say the Trump-evangelical alliance harms Christianity,” she wrote, “it’s common to hear other conservative Christians say that Trump’s unexpected win — down to the Electoral College — shows that God had a more-deliberate-than-usual hand, and has put Trump there for some reason.”

The mocking tone makes high school students sound mature: “God had a more-deliberate-than-usual-hand”? Somehow the sarcasm was missing in the Post when media outlets from Newsweek to Rolling Stone were putting Barack Obama on their covers with halos signifying a divinity among men.

Now, let’s be clear what the Washington Post is implying by saying that some claim that Christianity is harmed by evangelicals’ voting for and supporting Donald Trump. It cannot be overlooked, because it was phrased in a very specific manner.

They’re saying that some folks believe that the idea of Christ dying the cross for all mankind’s sins is harmed because evangelicals don’t support the same political agenda they do.

That’s absurd on its face, but it’s the level of attack evangelicals come under by the left. And it was exactly that kind of attack that was being aimed at Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she was asked that question in June. And that’s what made her response so perfect.

“I point to God. I point to my faith,” said Sanders, whose father, after all, is a Baptist minister in addition to being a politician. “And that’s where I always tell my kids to look.”

I thank God that we have someone like Sarah Huckabee Sanders fighting for us on the font lines.

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