Swamp Pushes Clinton Lackey for U.S. Ambassador to Colombia

The globalist “swamp” in Washington, D.C., is aiming to put top Hillary Clinton aide Joseph Macmanus (shown) into a key post, U.S. ambassador to Colombia, according to GOP sources cited in news reports. If the plot succeeds, it would potentially help keep under wraps the sordid details of the Obama administration’s betrayal of Colombians to the mass-murdering Castro regime and its hordes of communist FARC terrorists. It would also give the globalist establishment — widely ridiculed today by conservatives as “the swamp” — a reliable operative to advance the machinations in Colombia that numerous experts say will set the stage for an eventual communist takeover of that once firmly anti-communist nation. Conservatives in the Senate and beyond, though, are speaking out in an effort to derail the plot.

Joseph Macmanus

News of the scandalous push to install Macmanus as U.S. ambassador to Bogota was first reported in mid-September by the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative-leaning online publication that focuses on national security. According to the Beacon, the potential nomination was being pushed by, among others, Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon, described as “a career foreign service diplomat” who “is considered Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s right-hand man.” The deeply controversial nomination is also said to be supported by Tillerson himself, who has a troubling history of promoting globalism. It was not immediately clear whether President Donald Trump was onboard, or whether he knew of Macmanus’ “baggage.” But multiple reports suggested the former Clinton aide was seen as a frontrunner for the nomination.

Among other concerns expressed by critics is the fact that Macmanus has a long history of service to the “swamp” and the most infamous swamp creatures within it. In January of 2009, for example, he took the job of executive assistant to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He served in that post amid the Benghazi mega-scandal, in which several Americans were killed amid the Obama administration’s lawless activities in Libya and the broader Middle East — illegal warsgun runningsecret operations to arm terrorists, and more. In that capacity, Macmanus was “the senior professional aide” to Clinton. In other words, he knows where the bodies are buried, so to speak. Indeed, Macmanus reportedly played a leading role in the entire Clinton-Benghazi affair, including the subsequent lies put out by the administration — even though documents obtained by Judicial Watch prove Macmanus knew the claims about the attack having to do with an “anti-Islam video” were false. He is also involved in the e-mail scandals.

Another claim to fame for Macmanus has been his role in funneling U.S. taxpayer money into unconstitutional foreign-aid schemes promoting left-wing extremism, globalism, and other anti-American ideologies overseas — and then covering it all up when lawmakers got curious. While serving as the executive secretary of the Bureau of Legislative Affairs, Macmanus was asked about the U.S. Agency for International Development, also known as USAID. Senators wanted to know, for instance, why the tax-funded bureaucracy was partnering with radical globalist billionaire George Soros’ network in promoting Big Government and attacking traditional values. One of the projects cited by lawmakers funneled U.S. tax money through USAID to support a Soros-owned propaganda organ in Colombia attacking Trump, free markets, and “patriarchal society.” Macmanus responded by trying to dodge the questions, claiming, among other absurdities, that the machinations were “based on core American values.”

Considering his high-level service in the Obama State Department, Macmanus is also certain to know a great deal about the infamous so-called “peace” agreement ushered in by unpopular Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Orchestrated with help from the Obama administration and the murderous Castro regime in Havana, with a major assist from Soros’ network, the “peace” deal being imposed on Colombians against their will by globalists, communists, and the establishment has been widely condemned by anti-communist Colombian leaders. The deal, rejected by voters at the polls, will literally put mass-murdering FARC terrorists in Congress — without elections and without serving a single day in jail for their 50 years of mass murder and war crimes. It will also give the Marxist-Leninist terror group huge amounts of additional money — much of it from U.S. taxpayers — along with its own tax-funded paramilitary “security” force. Specially established kangaroo courts will be used by FARC to terrorize the military and police officials who fought to protect Colombians from communist terror.

Basically, the Obama-backed “deal” gives the FARC everything it could have hoped for, and could never have obtained through votes or terrorism and mass murder, on a silver platter. Indeed, popular former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who had practically crushed the terrorists militarily, warned that the Castro-Santos-Obama-FARC “peace” deal is really a plot to turn his nation into another totalitarian state along the lines of Venezuela. “The FARC have achieved with Santos that which they did not obtain in 50 years of violence,” Uribe declared last year, with his coalition saying that Santos had “ceded everything” to the terrorists. Virtually the exact same “peace” process played out in El Salvador, resulting in mass-murdering communist terrorists taking over — again with blatant help and funding from Obama and the establishment “swamp” in the United States.

If he were to become the U.S. ambassador, Macmanus would undoubtedly work to ensure the continuation of the policies he pursued during the previous administration. And that has critics deeply concerned. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), for example, released a statement slamming the move. “At a time where the U.S.-Colombia partnership is so vital to our national security interests, and after U.S. taxpayers have invested billions in security assistance for Colombia, it is deeply troubling that Secretary Clinton’s top advisor — who played a key role in the Benghazi cover-up — might be placed in a position to significantly influence foreign-policy in Colombia,” Cruz said. “The Senate should scrutinize this nomination closely.” Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) offered a similar warning, saying it was “concerning” that the Trump administration was considering nominating ambassadors who “do not share the conservative values of the American people who voted for President Trump, and in this case, who helped then-Secretary Clinton clean up her Benghazi mess.”

Outside of Congress, analysts and activists were fuming, too. Lia Fowler, a columnist for Periodismo Sin Fronteras (Journalism Without Borders) and a former FBI agent, said it was “very troubling” that Macmanus was being considered for the post. “During Clinton’s tenure the focus of USAID to Colombia shifted from supporting the aims of Plan Colombia to promoting a progressive agenda,” she said. “In the end these ‘progressive’ causes are tied to far-left groups, including FARC propagandists and promoters. Also, Clinton, Kerry and Shannon were very supportive of the Colombia so-called ‘peace deal.’ As we know, the deal only helped increase coca cultivation, launder FARC money and put FARC terrorists and their promoters in power. As a result, Colombia is now another Cuba satellite, run by a president with rule-by-decree powers who answers only to the FARC. How can someone who helped further those interests possibly serve POTUS’ agenda of bringing and end to communist and dictatorial regimes in South America?”

It is time for major personnel changes to bring about policy changes such as those Trump campaigned on. “There has been no clear direction set at the State Department for a new policy for Latin America,” added Fowler, who closely monitors developments in Latin America. “[State Department official Tom] Shannon and others are still operating under the Obama-era attitudes. An assistant secretary for the Western Hemisphere is sorely needed to set a new direction.”

Anti-communist leader Frank De Varona, a veteran of Bay of Pigs who spent years in a Castro gulag and helped deliver Florida for Trump, was also highly alarmed by the news. “It is absolutely appalling and disgraceful that Secretary Rex Tillerson and his right-hand man Under Secretary for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon have recommended as ambassador of Colombia Joseph Macmanus,” said De Varona, a regular commentator on Colombian TV networks. “Thomas Shannon was responsible for the Department of State and the Obama White House appeasement policy of the Maduro bloody regime [in Venezuela] and for Obama’s shameful Cuban policy of unilateral concessions without a Quid Pro Quo or nothing in return by the mass murdering Cuban regime. Joseph Macmanus, a top aide to the corrupt Secretary Hillary Clinton and who played a key role in the Benghazi cover-up, should be the last person appointed as ambassador to Colombia.”

De Varona, who has authored dozens of books on communism, globalism, Cuba, and other topics, also slammed developments in Colombia aided by establishment forces in the United States. “[Colombian President] Juan Manuel Santos is a Marxist who was hired by Cuban intelligence services as a spy, when as a young man he met with Fidel Castro,” he said. “The traitor Colombian President Santos legalized the FARC as a political party and gave this terrorist group seats in the Colombian legislature, even though the Colombian people voted against this action in a plebiscite. The FARC is a bloody communist guerrilla terrorist organization responsible for thousands of murders and kidnappings. The FARC has billions of dollars in foreign banks and with this kind of money collected from the sale of cocaine and other drugs to America and other countries for over 50 years, the FARC will elect a future communist president in Colombia.”

Blasting the recommendation of Macmanus by Secretary Tillerson and Under Secretary Shannon as “shameful,” De Varona praised Senators Cruz and Lee, “as well as conservatives and anti-globalists,” for “vigorously opposing” the scheme to install Clinton’s former aide in such a sensitive and important post. “The new ambassador to Colombia should be an anti-communist,” De Varona declared. “President Donald J. Trump continues to be given poor advice from the globalist Council of Foreign Relations-dominated Department of State.” Indeed, the globalist CFR and its minions in and out of government — among them, shameless apologists for Castro and other totalitarian mass murderers — have played a key role in bringing about many of the problems faced by the world today. And a number of those CFR “swamp creatures” have burrowed their way into Trump’s administration.

Unfortunately, establishment “swamp creatures” remain firmly entrenched all across the upper levels of the federal bureaucracy — and the U.S. State Department is one of the most seriously infested of all. For the benefit of Colombians and Americans, as well as liberty, Trump should demand an investigation into how a leading Clinton aide involved in Benghazi and the betrayal of Colombia ended up being recommended for the post in Bogota. The American people voted for Trump because he promised to drain the swamp and stop globalism. A good starting point would be to identify the swamp creatures across the federal bureaucracy, along with those giving him bad advice, and get rid of them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the infamous swamp may well end up draining Trump — and America, too.

Reprinted with permission from The New American

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