Facebook Becomes Spookbook for US Intelligence

It is no secret that I have no use for Facebook or Snark Suck-A-Booger.  I would hope that many of you who are Facebook users read this and RETHINK what you post on that site.
What on earth would there be a *need* for Security clearance for their employees other than it is a covert One World Agency – the goal is to infiltrate the minds of the users while gathering information to blackmail or use to destroy those who won’t obey the One World Order agenda.

Jackie Juntti
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It isn’t who you are –  It is WHOSE you are ! ! ! !

Many of us in the media have warned you for years of the dangers of becoming too engaged on Facebook and disclosing too much personal information. A lot of you chose to ignore these warnings as fake news or as coming from the aluminum foil crowd. Well now, the truth is out there and it is not a shocker to us.

Zuckerberg is in the process of looking for hundreds of new employees with US national security clearance licenses to hire. Ostensibly, to weed out “fake news” and “foreign meddling” in elections. If that is the purpose, it also provides constant pressure to see things the way the government wants. It will limit the wider picture and flow of information to you. With the intent to make you see things their way.

The plan, sounds sinister, but that is because it is. It will give people that share the same worldview as US intelligence agencies a direct line to everything. At least everything you think and believe. In addition it will allow the agencies that create policy and classified information direct access to everything you see and read. It will also enable them to limit what information you can access on any subject.

Of course Facebook is already doing this now. You may have noticed that many stories no longer have “share” options on them. In addition many of the Constitutional and Conservative sites you used to go to no longer exist. That is part of the new restrictions Facebook has put on the conservative media. It is all part of the effort to control your world view and push the Liberal agenda.

But this new move is as close to outright US government censorship on the internet as you can come. Worse yet, it’s happening on a global scale. On a supposed medium designed to facilitate the free exchange of ideas. Some thing that was set up for independent global communication. You know, a fun-loving place “where friends meet.”

As Bloomberg puts it: “Workers with such [national security] clearances can access information classified by the US government. Facebook plans to use these people – and their ability to receive government information about potential threats – in the company’s attempt to search more proactively for questionable social media campaigns ahead of elections.”

In other words, they can and will control any story, especially during elections or about candidates that they deem could influence the outcome of that election. When asked about this, a Facebook spokesman declined to comment, but the report sounds credible, especially given the context of anti-Russia hysteria.

For those of you too young to remember the “Commie Hunt” of the early 1950’s under Sen Joe McCarthy, this move has the same smell about it. Since the election of Donald Trump, the Left has focused the political discourse on “Russia-gate” . That Kremlin hackers meddled in the election is the biggest Fake News to come along since the Cold War.

Meanwhile, US internet companies including Facebook have been hauled in front of Congressional committees to declare what they know about alleged “Russian influence campaigns.” The Chief executives of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, will be back in front of those committees again for questioning next month. Initially, involvement by the Russians was denied. But after months of non-stop allegations by politicians and news media outlets they are falling in line.

Led, perhaps unwittingly, by US intelligence fingering of Russian meddling, Facebook, freely admits that they and other US internet companies have substantially curbed the search freedom previously enjoyed on the internet. “It’s really incredible how Google and YouTube have earnestly started manipulating their algorithms and censoring news, ” says Robert Bridge, a frequent Op-ed contributor to RT.com. “I was researching a story recently, and it was so difficult to pull up any relevant information that was not critical of Putin or Russia.”

Facebook and the other big US internet companies are now directing users to what they call “authoritative” news organizations, which for the most part are corporate-controlled entities aligned with government interests. Ironically, these news outlets have peddled some of the biggest fake news stories. The weapons of mass destruction which launched a decade-long war killing over a million Iraqis.

Russia-gate” is another fabricated narrative which is being used to crush critical alternative sources. Unfortunately, the biggest loss is to you the consumer. You are soon not going to have any access to genuinely alternative, critical news sources. Any disagreement with the Government or Corporate line will be labeled fake news and be blacklisted. Welcome to the all new Spookbook, where we pick your friends and your opinions, just like the government wants.

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