Common Core Backer Bill Gates Announces Plan to Invest $1.7 Billion in Public Eduction

If you know anything about Common Core, you will know that it is downright evil.  The more money that’s spent on public eduction, the worse it gets.  America used to be #1 in virtually every category measured, until the social engineers and leftists got hold of the curriculum and have systematically dumbed down students everywhere.  Obviously, this isn’t an indictment of the many fine, well meaning teachers in our schools, but of the planners who interfere with their teaching children historically useful academic subjects, life skills, basic morality and critical thinking.

(Read John Taylor Gatto’s classic work “Dumbing Us Down (the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling)”, if you haven’t already – it will change the way you look at education – it was written long before Gates introduced the horrific Common Core curriculum, and before the misnamed No Child Left Behind program before it was introduced.  This has been going on a while.)

(More importantly, when they took prayer out of schools in 1963, all social indicators, including academic performance, began their very marked decline.)

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