God’s Shadow

“Thus says the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held, to subdue nations before him; and I will loose the armor of kings, (Isa 45:1) “

promises Cyrus that He will loose the armor of kings. It means He will enfeeble them. It was not without precedent. In Numbers 14, Joshua and Caleb having returned from spying out the Promised Land with ten other spies, tried to assure the people that although there were giants in the land, their “defense had departed from them and the Lord is with us”. It’s an unusual expression which quite literally means the shadow or “favor” of God was not with the enemy.

Get this picture… You survey the land in front of you and a group of men start approaching you from a mile away. You notice as they walk towards you, a gigantic shadow covers them and you know behind that shadow is a powerful presence and you are terrified. Now suppose you see that shadow lift. It’s only the men walking across the field and as you move toward them, the shadow covers you. That’s what Joshua and Caleb discerned. They had seen the shadow of God traveling with them through the wilderness. They knew His presence. They had eyes to see.

God’s shadow is with you. His favor encompasses you. The enemy has no defense against that. You will need your spiritual senses exercised to discern the shadow of God. The other spies did not see the shadow of God.

They saw the giants.

What do you see?

A “son” knows the shadow of his father and confidently trusts in the strength and love behind that shadow. Imagine the confidence and courage you would have walking under that shadow into battle.

Well, you do have it. But do you see it?

You will be able to see it as you eat His word. A “son” sees the shadow.

Special thanks to Michael Pink for reminding me of my father’s shadow.

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