Thief Pulls Gun, Not so Tough After Veteran Clerk Jams Pistol in His Mouth


One thug’s gambit for a quick and easy robbery went horribly awry when he discovered, the hard way, that he picked the wrong man to try to victimize.

In a video capturing a surprisingly non-violent ordeal from September 2013, a man entered a liquor store in Marionville, Missouri, smoking a cigarette.

He had big plans for his time in-store, but he didn’t realize that he was about to interact with former military police officer Jon Lewis Alexander, as Huff Post reports.

The thief’s plans didn’t come to fruition, as you can see below in a clip shared by Awesome Fun Videos.

“You need to give me all your money,” the would-be robber said, according to Alexander, pulling out a firearm after being asked to leave the store because of his smoking.

He would not be getting any money.

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