News from Real Clear Politics October 30, 2017

How Hillary and the Democrats Played the Russia Card. In a column, I consider the tangled webs that were woven during the 2016 campaign and beyond.

Private Health Care Would Be Less Expensive for All. Gary Wolfram explains in RealClearPolicy.

Investigative Classics: A Senator’s Serial Sex Abuse. RealClearInvestigations revisits coverage of Bob Packwood’s sex harassment of women a generation ago.

Republicans Must Stop Negotiating With Themselves, and Go Big on Taxes. In RealClearMarkets, Dave Cribbin argues that growth springs from the investment that only the rich can generally provide.

An Economics Lesson, Courtesy of the Astros & Dodgers. Also in RCM, Allan Golombek spotlights the underlying economic meaning of Saturday’s ceremonial first pitch, one thrown out by a 7-year-old with a prosthetic hand.

A Physicist Explains Baseball’s Home Run Spike. Fittingly, following Sunday night’s wild World Series game, Sean Cunningham has the story in RealClearLife

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