Star Parker: Black Leaders Peddle ‘The Perception Of Racism’ To Get Money And Power

I was honored to meet and spend some time with Star Parker and her daughter back in 1996 at a Christian Conservative gathering in Seattle.  I also met Alan Keyes and his family at the same meeting as they were both guest speakers.  Ms Parker had to leave the gathering early and needed a ride to Sea-Tac so my daughter volunteered to take them so they wouldn’t miss their plane.  I remained in touch with Ms. Parker for several years and reposted much of her writings and goals back then as I agreed with all she was doing and others needed to know that skin color isn’t what makes a person – it is HEART COLOR.

One of the several preachers I listen to each Sunday had a great message yesterday on how *ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL* and he spoke of how God created us in His Image.  That is something we need to think more on instead of dividing God’s creation into color camps.  That *division* is the work of Satan – carried out by those who are servants of Satan, knowingly or unknowingly.  Next time you look at a person whose skin is a different color remember that person was created in the image of God.
There are those of ALL skin colors who serve Satan and we see those in the likes of Al Sharptongue, Jesse Jackson and all those who make the news for criminal acts.  Demonic spirits entered into the bodies of many of darker skin but they are also very active in the bodies of those with White skin,  Demons don’t care about skin color – they are after the Heart and Soul of God’s creations.

What I would like to say to all who read this is to retrain the way in which you look at others – look past the skin colors and look at the PERSON who was created in the image of God.  If that person turns out to be one that has been infected with demonic actions – PRAY for that person to be filled with a hunger and thirst for Jesus Christ – be a person who rescues those that Satan has beguiled and deluded.

I would encourage others to check out Star Parkers organization   Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)

We need to spread the word of those who are working hard to HELP – not to tear down.

Jackie Juntti

It isn’t who you are –  It is WHOSE you are ! ! ! !

Whose *brand* do you proudly wear?

Star Parker, a former Democrat who previously “believed all the lies of the left,” now decries the division and race-consciousness expanding across America, even after the country elected its first black president.

While America could be more united, Parker says the “perception of racism has become big business” as America’s liberal black leaders “shake down corporations for billions of dollars,” divide America by skin color and reject Dr. Martin Luther King’s goal of making skin color irrelevant.

The “lies of the left” Parker previously believed included “the poor are poor because the wealthy are wealthy, that my problems were somebody else’s fault and that America was racist.” Her beliefs, she says, fueled a reckless lifestyle, including criminal behavior, drugs, sexual activity and welfare dependency. A life-changing Christian conversion gave her a new set of eyes, values and a commitment to wake up others to freedom that are trapped in welfare dependency.

Parker has been an energetic president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) since 1995. She runs the largest nonprofit dedicated to working in disadvantaged communities to infuse alternative conservative policies and values where they are not being heard. Parker is encouraged by the polls that show one-third of blacks share her conservative values.

“They haven’t heard from us,” she says, with the hope to help additional black communities if more financial support came to organizations like hers.

King’s movement was about removing barriers for opportunity and about “repentance and revival,” Parker says, while today’s radical social justice generation, with the “hard black left,” is focused on “revenge and redistribution.” Groups like Black Lives Matter feed into the perception that racism is everywhere, she explains.

Parker opened up to The Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview about how too few appreciate the “lonely life” black conservatives lead who challenge the liberal left orthodoxy. Forced to move out of her home recently due to security risks and intensifying hostility and threats for promoting a Biblical worldview, she joins other black conservatives in trying to accept this “new normal.”

She is convinced that when people hear truth, they recognize it. Preventing truth from being heard is why Parker believes the left works so hard to keep conservatives off college campuses and in the public square.

“If you have Christianity, a capitalistic society, and a Constitution that protects your interest,” they work for all Americans, Parker says, including blacks. BLM, she says, is indoctrinating blacks against these American values.

The highly sought-after commentator often compares gold-medal earninggymnast Simone Biles and Michael Brown, shot in Ferguson, Mo. They both started their lives in chaos and dysfunction, Parker says, but had completely different school experiences which altered their life’s trajectory.

When asked about George Soros recently giving $18 billion to left-wing groups to get a tax write-off, Parker decried the level of support she gets from the center-right for the important work she is doing. Signing her correspondence often with “your foot-soldier for freedom,” CURE’s work encompasses media appearances, policy advocacy and connecting with a growing clergy network. Always an optimist, Parker says, “Sometimes it just comes down to needing a capital infusion.”

For more on Star Parker and CURE, see her website, this compelling video of one of her speeches, her weekly nationally syndicated columns, or follow her on Twitter @UrbanCURE or on Facebook.

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