His name is Burnie

I got this email from one of “our boys” this morning and, with his permission, thought I would share it with you guys.

His name is Burnie ,Mark, our foster son, said as he carried the scrawny three legged dog out the door to the car. We had allowed him to choose from a large selection of dogs and puppies at the shelter and this was his choice. He carried the dog out to the car with a look of pride on his face as if he had just selected the most beautiful dog in the world, instead of this ugly puppy, missing one foot, and with half of one ear torn off.

We had gotten a dog crate, blanket, dishes, good food and a leash and collar the day before, so we were all set. The dog had been treated for heartworm infestation so would require limited exercise for at least two months. He was smiling as he sat in the seat with the dog, whose tail was wagging hesitantly.

Mark had been with us for around 9 months. As a foster child he could be returned to his abusive home life with his drug addicted mother any time the court chose, and we were terrified they would demand his return . When he arrived at our house, his mother had recently burned down their house because she was stoned, and Mark had spent several weeks in the hospital recovering from burns but now he was doing well and actually going to school. He was smiling now as he sat on the car seat with his new puppy whose tail was wagging hesitantly.

We arrived home, got Burnie to pee outside and brought him into the kitchen. Mark sat with him on the floor while the dog ate, then curled up next to the crate while Burnie took a nap. I was so worried about the future. Would the dog be all right. Would Mark be forced to return to his “mother” who would probably dump the dog by the side of the road or kill it. Mark smiled and sat up and smiled at his new buddy. “He’s a good dog” he said.”thanks Dad for him” All of a sudden I knew everything would be all right. It was the first time he had called me “Dad”

Mark and Burnie have been with us for 5 years now and everything is great. Every day is Thanksgiving here. Just wanted you to know

By the way, I did not misspell the dogs name. He has burn scars from his first owner lighting him on fire. But as Mark says “so do I” (from the house fire)

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