Segways at Disney

In 2007, three disabled people sued Walt Disney World for not allowing them to use their Segways to move around its theme parks. … Disney says it fears Segways could endanger other guests because they can go faster than 12 mph.

If a disabled person can get around just as well in a wheelchair as on a Segway, does Disney have the right to pick the wheelchair in the interest of guest safety?

One of the people suing Disney says she did not want her children seeing her rely on a wheelchair.

Disney won by the way. Disney then stopped offering their very popular Segway tours of Epcot & Fort Wilderness.

Now we have a real problem with the ADA as it is, but to go that route means we expand the ADA to accommodate not only people’s disabilities but also their feelings about their disabilities. Now we feel for that woman, but this is a huge legal leap.

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