Watch your language

Since I have numerous times ranted against the use of the *F* word that is now used more than another four letter word – *LORD*, this strip this morning just fits so perfectly.  So few folks even notice they are using gutter words it has become so common.  I wonder if parents get all excited about their child saying its first word and it being the *F* word because that is what the child hears all the time.

A good rule of thumb is to visualize that Christ is standing right in front of you all the time and ask yourself if you would say a lot of your words if you could see Him standing there in front of you.  Just because you can’t see Him doesn’t mean He isn’t there or isn’t listening to what you say.

Jackie Juntti
All you say and do clearly indicates WHOSE you are.  We Brand ourselves by our actions.

This strip was done when certain 4 letter words were rarely used and never in mixed company. Now, they are commonplace. How sad. There was a time when we were proud of our language, and now we are working hard to protect it.

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