DUI driver charged in multi-vehicle crash on I-40

CAROLYN BAHM  /  The Bartlett Express

A woman has been charged with DUI in a multi-vehicle crash near Lakeland last Thursday.

BE logo squareJust before 4 a.m. Nov. 2, Angela Underwood of Mason, Tenn., took the wrong ramp for Interstate 40 at Canada Road and headed westbound into the eastbound lane, according to a Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman. She collided head-on with another car, injuring herself and two passengers in the other car. All injured parties were taken to Region One Medical Center in non-critical condition.

There were two secondary crashes: A third vehicle hit her car, but there were no injuries. The other secondary crash was a tractor-trailer that smashed into a deputy’s car when the deputy was trying to warn traffic about the crash up ahead. The deputy was not injured.

Additional information about the vehicles, the other drivers and the two injured passengers was not available at press time.

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