Hey Gang:

You know, after the last successful hack of a credit reporting agency that revealed vital personal credit information on 145,000,000 Americans, I’ve been thinking — and you know how dangerous that is!

Seriously, these agencies get our personal credit information and sell it for a big profit to various entities, and even though it is our personal financial information, we don’t get a dime for it!

So I was wondering how we might remedy this situation, particularly in light of the latest hack where the credit reporting agency was negligent in protecting information we never gave them permission to have in the first place, and I may have stumbled upon such a remedy:  Copyright your credit report and any other information many states allow, like information on the claims you make on your auto and home owners insurance that are made available to every other auto and homeowners insurance carrier you apply to in the future.

You are the author of your credit report, penned by how you spend your money and how much you earn, so why wouldn’t you be able to secure a copyright on your own personal works?

If anyone on my list here is a lawyer familiar with the requirements of a copyright, I’d be happy to hear from you.

In the meantime, I’m going to pursue this avenue.  I am the only person who should be able to give permission for my credit information to be disseminated to anyone, and if my information is copyrighted, I will require my written permission to use it, and sue for copyright infringement if anyone or any entity tries to use it without my written permission.

Carl F. Worden

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