Sly Denies: Sylvester Stallone Sticking to His Guns Against Allegations


Sexual misconduct allegations have been surfacing on a regular basis lately, and while some have admitted to their wrongdoings, others have stood firm in their innocence.

Actor Sylvester Stallone has denied claims that he and his bodyguard sexually assaulted a teenager more than 30 years ago while filming the movie “Over the Top” in Las Vegas.

Stallone, nicknamed “Sly,” was accused of coercing an unidentified 16-year-old into having group sex with him and a bodyguard, Michael “The Duke” De Luca, at a hotel in 1986.

The two allegedly threatened to “beat her head in” if she ever told anyone, according to the police report, obtained by the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

Those accusations and a police report to the same effect were first brought to light in February 2016 by the Post-Examiner, but they recently resurfaced in the midst of an onslaught of Hollywood sex abuse allegations.

The “Rocky” and “Rambo” star has unequivocally denied those claims, and his publicist issued a strong statement regarding his innocence.

“This is a ridiculous, categorically false story. No one was ever aware of this story until it was published today, including Mr. Stallone,” the representative told Fox News. “At no time was Mr. Stallone ever contacted by authorities or anyone else regarding this matter.”

No charges were ever filed in the July 26, 1986 incident because the victim was of the age of consent and claimed she agreed to perform the act.

In fact, she agreed to have sex with Stallone, who was 40 years old at the time, while De Luca stayed in the bathroom, the report detailed, according to Fox News.

However, De Luca, who died in 2013, eventually entered the room and Stallone reportedly asked her to participate in a threesome.

The victim reported feeling “uncomfortable” and “intimidated” by the two, particularly after they threatened to harm her if she didn’t do what they wanted.

She ultimately decided not to press charges against the two, but came forward decades later to help other girls at risk of becoming a victim of similar behavior.

“He should be ashamed of himself, what he did to me affected my life and destroyed me,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Post-Examiner. “I am scared of men and have a hard time sticking up for myself around men, I am a loner.”

The next year, Stallone was again accused of sexual assault, but this time the claim came from his half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti, who accused him of molesting her throughout her childhood.

The two agreed upon a settlement of a $2 million lump sum plus $50,000 for Filiti’s medical bills and psychiatric care every year for the remainder of her life, in addition to monthly payments of $16,666.

H/T The Washington Times

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