Questions for Candidates for the Jackson City Council

There was a time when Councilman (sorry if we offended anyone who believes in gender and sex neutrality) Wallace actually asked extremely good questions and felt comfortable putting the citizens into the loop.

Back in 2010 after Councilman Danny Ellis resigned from his position, Councilman Wallace asked some serious questions of those applying for the position. So we will bring those once more plus add a one to the mix…..

If the city is in a budget crunch to the point we need to either raise taxes or cut city services, and the mayor and city staff were recommending raising taxes, would you vote to raise taxes?  Yes or No?

If you had a close friend who had bid for a city contract and the city purchasing department had recommended we award the contract to your friend would you vote in favor of the contract? Yes or No?

If the previous city council had made a firm commitment to purchase a piece of property for a price that you felt was for more that the property was worth, would you honor the previous city council’s decision? Yes or No?

In recent legislation by the State of Tennessee, they voted to allow licensed handgun carry permit holders to carry their weapons in parks.  Included in the legislation was an option for local city governments to vote to deny licensed handgun carry permit holders from carrying their weapons in city parks.  Would you vote to allow licensed handgun carry permit holders to carry their weapons in city parks? Yes or No?

The planning department is recommending to the council to allow a property owner to build a residential apartment building on his property.  Residential apartment buildings are allowed in the zone, and the city planning department has approved the apartment building. At the city council meeting, lots of neighboring property owners show up to protest the apartment building, feeling that it will lower their property values and attract less desirable residents in their neighborhood.  Would you deny the property owner from building the apartment building?  Yes or No?

Over the past thirty years the local municipalities has increasingly introduced themselves into private enterprise. Some of these are actually illegal (but that is just an issue of votes). Would you support additional growth of municipality ownership of what was originally designed as private enterprise? Yes or No?

All of these questions require an explanation because no one should answer without some thought.


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