The Jackson City Council of Jackson TN Agenda Meeting for December 2017

The Jackson City Council of Jackson TN agenda meeting for December 2017 will be held this afternoon. While I doubt there will be much discussion over the package, I have brought to you the complete package which includes three resumes from individuals seeking to take the position of District 5 representative.

Do not get your nickers in a bunch, I am not included in this package. But who the heck knows, the day is still young.

The three resumes included in the package come from:

Ross Taylor Priddy, Anna Parks Covington, and FrenCherry R. Miller

Two of the contestants are African American. If elected there will be a lean to left which should make the Mayor a happy puppy.

Other items on the agenda include a resolution approving the building of a new city court building as well as a resolution authorizing the City of Jackson to issue a $1,700,000 8 year capital outlay note for reimbursement of certain capital expenditures incurred by the Health and Sanitation fund and Sportsplex fund.

The entire package is below.



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