Ted Cruz Just Stopped a Huge Tax Increase

By Erick Erickson  |   The Resurgent

Senator Bob Corker was the lone Republican who wanted to raise taxes. First, he tried to get a trigger in the legislation that would have automatically raised taxes without a future vote. That failed with the parliamentarian. Then he tried an outright tax increase. Ted Cruz worked overtime to block it.

“Fifty-one senators want to cut taxes, one is trying to raise taxes,” Cruz said in an interview outside the Capitol late Thursday night after an impassioned confrontation on the Senate floor with Corker. “That’s not right.” Cruz said he worked overnight to defeat the Corker push. “It was extended conversations that went on into the late hours of the night and continued early in the morning,” Cruz said. “Last night there had been a plan to include $350 billion in tax increases. I and a number of other senators had strong objections to that proposal, and that proposal did not carry the day.”

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