#UnsealtheDeals @SpeakerRyan CONGRESS IS BEING BLACKMAILED…Kate Steinle’s Murder Must Not Be In Vain

From our friends at the MidSouth Sentinel

The seven time felon who MURDERED Kate Steinle in cold blood  was acquitted by Sanctuary City San Francisco. Sanctuary Cities…sounds so benign but there is no sanctuary for Kate’s family. There is no refuge from the grief that will surely follow them all of their earthly lives. There is no refuge from the murderous consequences that surely result from cities with no rule of law.

I am heartbroken and I can only imagine what Kate’s family is going through tonight. They are probably reliving the murder all over again because in a sense they have been murdered themselves by their own country who can’t call a spade a spade because to do so would mean you have to admit that you are wrong. In a country full of snowflakes, people can’t and won’t admit they are wrong and colleges, institutions, and bureaucracies protect you from your own bad decisions and you never have to live with the consequences of your bad decisions….but we do and truth be told one day there will be a day of reckoning when we all do.

America is at a dangerous crossroads and which way we turn now will determine what kind of world our children inherit. So….we are all heartbroken….tell me what you are willing to do about it? Tell me what you are going to do to show Kate’s family that she did not die in vain?

Right now in Congress there are God knows how many of our leaders that have been compromised by sex scandals that have been covered up by Congress via taxpayer money. TWO HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR payouts for hush money to cover up their sexual harassment. I have been posting and tweeting about this since it broke but it didn’t occur to me until today that this scandal is more than just a scandal about sexual harassment…it’s about an existential threat to our country.

Does anyone remember the Awan Brothers? Hard Drive Tied to Wasserman Schultz Is Central To Imran Awan Case. Anyone think the data the Awan Brothers had access to is not now sitting in the hands of our enemies? Foreign or domestic? If our leaders have been compromised they might vote a particular way to avoid being exposed. This scandal is deeper than anyone imagines and it threatens national security.

The minute Congress unseals the deals is the minute our nation becomes the safer for it. If this information is made public, no enemy, foreign or domestic, can hold hostage a leader who has been compromised. This information must be revealed and it must be revealed NOW!

Kate Steinle deserved more than a bullet to the head and she at the least certainly deserved a guilty verdict for her murderer. Politics denied her due justice. We are at war now….I hope you see that. The battlefront though is everywhere you are. You can choose to ignore it and hope the battle won’t ever touch you, Kate proves that it will, or you can make some phone calls, and tell your friends and family to makes some phone calls, and you can talk about this to everyone you know and encourage them to make some phone calls.

It may seem silly but please don’t underestimate the power of just one phone call. The only thing that moves Congress is a fear that they won’t be re-elected and we owe it to Kate to make them feel that pressure now….the future of our country depends on what you are willing to do now to save it.

Is Kate Steinle worth at least a few phone calls?

Speaker Ryan D.C. office you can only leave a message but please do it anyways….(202) 225-0600
Please call the local offices in WI where you can speak to an actual person and tell them we need the Speaker to unseal the deals for the safety of our nation….

  • Janesville (608) 752-4050
  • Kenosha    (262) 654-1901
  • Racine.      (262) 637-0510

​Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell D.C.  (202) 224-2541 same thing with his office, leave a message and the start calling the local offices where you can talk to an actual person.

  • Paducah            ( 270) 442-4554
  • Bowling Green (270) 781-1673
  • London.             (606) 864-2026
  • Fort Wright       (859) 578-0188
  • Lexingonton.     (859) 224-8286
  • Louisville.          (502) 582-6304

​After you have called the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader please call your leaders from your state both House and Senate…you can find their numbers here….How to Contact Your Elected Officials

I’ll leave you with this 3 minute video by Stefan Molyneux who sums up the gravity of the situation very clearly….

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