News from Real Clear Politics December 6th, 2017

Conyers’ Resignation Puts Pressure on Others. Caitlin Huey-Burns has the story.

Uncertainty Abounds as Shutdown Deadline Nears. With funding for the government set to run out in just three days, James Arkin takes the measure of both parties’ priorities and intentions.

Revamping the Rust Belt: Software Comes to the Fore. The challenges of reinvigorating tapped out local economies was the theme of RCP-sponsored events in Indiana and Michigan, which I highlight here.

What Flynn’s Guilty Plea Means, Sans the Exaggerations. Charles Lipson assesses the assertions being issued from the left and the right.

If You Dislike Partisanship, Don’t Engage in It. Peter J. Wallison takes issue with an op-ed contending that Republicans have “broken Congress.”

No, Net Neutrality Isn’t a Women’s Issue. In RealClearPolicy, Andrea Castillo O’Sullivan & Jennifer Huddleston Skees counter a critique of the FCC’s decision.

When Will Legislators Learn That Sin Taxes Don’t Work? In RealClearHealth, Michael Shindler implores lawmakers to abandon the idea.

Keystone XL Approval Is Vital to U.S. Energy Dominance. James Marks explains in RealClearEnergy.

Anti-GMO Activists Hinder Attempts to Cut Pesticide Use. In RealClearScience, Cameron English spotlights examples.

Will Porn Drive Mainstream Acceptance of VR, Robots? In RealClearLife, Sean Cunningham offers this peek into the not-so-distant future of the tech revolution.

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