A Pet Peeve of Mine

I don’t watch normal TV.  I don’t even watch the local news, but I read.  I read on-line sites A LOT.  I’m also a teacher, and I quickly pick up on when two or more students have given me the same answers in the same order and even misspelled the same words wrong in the same way.  It’s very funny yet very sad at the same time that they won’t put in the effort and take pride in their own work instead of using someone else’s work and not given them credit.

Hence, I visit all our local media websites and I read what’s happening and I pick up on styles of each site.  It’s none of my business and no skin off my nose, and it’s just my possibly “uneducated” opinion since I don’t call myself a “writer” or “journalist” but I have noticed that David Thomas writes stories that barely give enough information that I would call it a story.  I still read them… mainly because it will barely take any time TO read them.

One from last week caught my attention.  All that hype around Tennessee finding a coach caught my attention.  I read the article David Thomas wrote, and it just didn’t “feel” like his usual writing.  There were words in there that didn’t seem like things he’d written in the past.

His story: https://wnws.com/currie-out-as-athletic-director-at-university-of-tennessee/

It also caught my attention that the picture was of terrible quality and gave credit to the photo to John Currie.  Did he Currie give the photo to Thomas?  Plus his article mentions ESPN several times, but no credit is given to ESPN as a contributor to the story.

Anyway, I pulled up other articles and found the similarities to be crazy close… even the order in which the the “facts” are presented in the story.

Here are two others…

One from UPI:  https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/College-Football/2017/12/01/Volunteers-Needed-John-Currie-out-as-Tennessee-athletic-director/7721512144533/

And then there’s this one from ABC:


This one quotes ESPN and at the end it says AP also contributed to the story.

Also note that there is a Tennessee picture and it is noted under the picture that it came from a Tennessee Twitter account.

So, long story made short…. is this stealing content from other sites and making it seem original?  Is the no such thing as “original” work anymore?  Thomas’ story and the UPI story aren’t word for word the same.  There are a few different adjectives and verbs changed, but it is SOOOOOO similar and the order of the things mentioned in the story are the exact same.  Is he just pulling up other people’s articles and changing a few words and putting his name on it?  At the least it’s bound to be considered “unprofessional” to use a term that isn’t too derogatory… I could find a few other words that aren’t so nice…

If I take one of my favorite movies “Driving Miss Daisy” and I change the names, setting, and maybe a few of the events and call it “Chauffeuring Aunt Sally” will it be okay with the creators of the original for me to do that?

Things like this probably shouldn’t bother me, but it does…


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