Dem Representative Morris settles AG lawsuit quietly and cheaply

I have long found it laughable how quick the LEFTISTS are to disclose any alleged wrongdoing by a conservative, a Christian, or some one who doesn’t walk in lock step  with the *progressive agenda..  Since I returned to Washington I have watched little Bobby Ferguson jump up in front of a TV camera and grab a mic to denounce those he opposes and how quickly he loses his voice or *file a lawsuit* mentality when those who are found GUILTY of wrong doing are pushed into the background so as to not let that news be discovered by the Voters.
It is a SAD SAD SAD day when Little Bobby Ferguson is quiet because you can bet he is covering for some corrupt/crooked Democrat.

Jackie Juntti

By Glen Morgan  |   We the Governed 

Just before Thanksgiving Washington State Representative Jeff Morris, a Democrat from the 40th Legislative District located in San Juan County, quietly settled the lawsuit filed against him by the Washington State Attorney General’s office earlier this year.  This lawsuit was initiated by a complaint filed against Morris filed by this author earlier in the year (lawsuit settlement linked here, original lawsuit linked here, original PDC complaint linked here).

Jeff Morris, attempting to explain how large his violations of the state’s campaign finances really were

Representative Jeff Morris was caught violating Washington State’s Campaign Finance laws, which are codified in statute here (RCW 42.17A).  He was fined $170 plus $960 in court, investigation, and attorney costs for a total payment of $1,130.  Based on a review of recent Attorney General settlements, this is the smallest fine ever given to a politician or political committee for violating the campaign finance laws.

AG Bob Ferguson is serious about campaign finance laws and was eager to litigate until he hit his quota of Democrat violators…

Attorney General Bob Ferguson campaigned for reelection in 2016 in part on his willingness to more aggressively pursue violations of the state’s campaign finance law.  This author was inspired, in part, by AG Ferguson’s campaign promises as well as local State Senator Sam Hunt, who also provided encouragement to better understand these laws.  The Washington State Democratic Party also helped inspire this effort in their own way by filing their complaints against this author last year.

One unanticipated outcome was the large number of politicians and committees affiliated with the Washington State Democratic Party who violated the law.  Most of these organizations and politicians endorsed Ferguson during his election campaign in

2016.  This is why Ferguson was forced to “recuse” himself from these investigations and lawsuits.  18 lawsuits were filed against these Democratic Party affiliated groups before the AG’s office determined that they had reached their quota for lawsuits against Democrats.  The other complicating factor for the AG’s office was the fact that at least one hyper partisan attorney, named Walter Smith, quit the campaign finance unit because he didn’t want to enforce the state’s campaign finance laws against Democrats.

The Attorney General’s office also implemented a “media silence” campaign about settlements and lawsuits against Democrats.  Historically, the AG would issue press releases for every successful settlement or lawsuit filed by the campaign finance unit.  When Republicans or conservative/center leaning groups were sued, they often benefited from large volumes of press releases.  For example, Kim Wyman, Republican Secretary of State received excellent coverage (press releases herehere, and here).

Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski (left) believed the campaign finance laws were only supposed to be used to choke out Tim Eyman (right) and Republicans. Ferguson appeared to believe this as well.

Another example would be the 9 press releases gleefully issued about Tim Eyman (the initiative guy hated by Democrats) linked at the end of this article.  Also, the Freedom Foundation received extensive AG press coverage (see herehere, and here).  However, when settlements of lawsuits have been made against the Pierce County DemocratsSenator Sam Hunt (D, Olympia), Rep Strom Peterson (D), Snohomish Superior Court Judge Larson, and now Democrat Representative Jeff Morris there were no press releases issued.  Not one.  Sometimes they are announced briefly on Twitter, but the AG is keeping these litigation successes as quiet as possible.

In some ways, Representative Morris was unlucky.  When the AG originally filed this lawsuit against him in early 2017, the AG was still serious about enforcing the state’s campaign finance laws.  Now that so many Democrat legislators, senators, and political committees have been caught violating this same law, the priority has shifted away from enforcing this law so rigorously.  It is unlikely the AG would file this same lawsuit against a Democrat politician today.

In other ways, Morris is very fortunate.  When Kim Wyman settled her case, she paid total fine of $12,090 for very similar violation of the statute (Wyman had more late reports, but the type of violation was the same).  However, the fines for similar violations are now dropping to much lower levels as a large volume of Democrats are exposed violating those same laws.  In theory, the law is written to be applied equally to everyone, but as Attorney General Bob Ferguson is demonstrating – some violators are always more equal than others.

The rules don’t exactly apply equally to everyone

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