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by Adam Grey  |   Faith and Heritage

In this series thus far we’ve surveyed many major religions in order to ascertain whether any of them had major institutions that would provide for the spiritual and practical needs of pro-white people. To put it another way, is there a religious institution we could all walk into, become active members of, and not get purged from in a wave of anti-white fervor?

Without exception, no such organization exists in North America. I can’t recommend joining this or that church for purposes of finding community and spiritual fellowship. Unfortunately, there is no major religious body willing to accept and support us. This of course is hugely hypocritical, since all of these religious groups bend over backwards to cater to the incessant, unreasonable demands of degenerate sodomites, whining black activists, and more. But such behavior is not hypocritical when we accept the fact that the underlying philosophy of all the major religious institutions in North America is an anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-patriarchal animus bent on destroying everything Western civilization ever was. That’s why in addition to demanding  the destruction of Confederate monuments, they support abortion, female suffrage, gay marriage, and discrimination against WASP males in hiring, advertising, education, and so forth.

So here we are. We need community. We need spiritual nourishment. We need the kind of unity, charity, and practical assistance that flows from a fully functional religious institution. And yet no such institutions have room for us in their inns.

What are we to do? There are really only four options. The first is the easiest in the short run, but total disaster in the long run: to lie quietly in the ranks of the anti-white churches and hope that they don’t notice you. Sooner or later, they will — or their standards will move so contrary to normalcy that you’ll be forced to actively persecute unapologetic whites in order to remain part of the institution. Either way, you’re out. And God forbid that your children grow up in such an environment and make the choice to abandon you and their forefathers in order to conform to the world. I don’t condemn people taking this first option. I just believe that it’s a disaster waiting to happen to you and yours. In the meantime, is the juice you’re getting worth the squeeze? In our experience, the answer has been an ever-increasingly painful no.

The second option is in some ways also easy in the short run, but a total disaster both later and in the hereafter. This option is the secular option. Abandon the religious world for the secular world. Why try to fit in with people and powers that hate you? It makes a lot of sense. It unfortunately is a bit like cutting off your own nose to spite someone else’s face. The fact that those religious anti-whites over there hate you is no reason to deprive yourself of spiritual nourishment and fellowship. Add in the fact that the secular world is just as hostile to white interests as the anti-white religious institutions, and all you’ve really done is traded Pope Francis for Bill Gates.

The third option is the one that many of us present-day pro-white believers have been forced to take: to privately nurture our faith within our own households (or alone) and try to cobble together whatever kind of fellowship we can find. The Internet has facilitated this, and we’ve had it via institutions such as Faith and Heritage. Members of the kinist diaspora fit into this category. If you’ve had to take this route, you’re doubtless familiar with its shortcomings. No in-real-life fellowship. No in-real-life corporate worship. No sacraments in many cases. No regular preaching of the Word. No opportunity to tithe to fund the work of the ministry, or benefit from those funds when needed. Basically, we who have taken this third option are deprived of the entire gamut of functions that a well-attended, organized, funded religious institution can offer. More accurately, we are deprived of the blessings that God Almighty ordained to give us through His Church.

Which brings us to the fourth option, an option that is by far the hardest for the foreseeable future but which will pay off exponential dividends years from now, and in the hereafter. The fourth option is the spiritual entrepreneurship route. In the neo-pagan world, Stephen McNallen and his Asatru Folk Assembly chose this path decades ago, and as a result have a modest but real organization, and all the benefits therein, to offer its members. In the Protestant world, there are scattered start-up institutions which aim to do the same. In the Roman Catholic world, traditionalist Catholic churches (such as those belonging to the Society of St. Pius X) have endeavored to do the same.

For those like me who wish that there was an easy option by which we could find a real, affirming, spiritual home — this is disappointing. We Westerners have been exiled in our own countries. We see our governments, businesses, athletics, arts, and religious institutions embracing the alien but rejecting us heirs. We feel a sense of betrayal and disappointment at losing our birthright, by no fault of our own, to hostile aliens and traitors. So to go through this entire series of brief surveys and conclude that no, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus — is necessarily disappointing.

However, that truth can set us free. Laboring under misconceptions is cruel. Abandoning the Faith in anger and despair is cruel. Willful ignorance of the reality of the situation, just to try to find some temporary relief, is cruel. The most humane and loving thing we can do is to accept the situation as it is, and use our agency to bring about the world we wish to see. In concrete terms, we don’t have to change the world to attain the benefits we’ve been looking for. We simply have to re-form a Church for our people. While labor-intensive and time-consuming, that process is simple. People have done it over and over again for millennia. Protestants in particular are well-suited to this task, because during the 500 years since Wittenberg we have had to reform the Church many times. We also believe in evangelism and preaching, so proactively communicating our message and aggressively adding to the ranks of the membership is natural for us. Most importantly, the Gospel is true and God is with us regardless of whether bishops and seminary presidents are. It is not their blessing, but God’s, that we need. It is God’s blessing that will empower us to do His work. Just as the prophets did during the degenerate centuries of Israelite history, just as the Reformers did during the ages when the grace of God was hijacked by Italian bishops, we can rebuild the walls of our Jerusalem so that our posterity will enjoy the blessings of spiritual liberty and godly community.

We must create the future we wish to see. We must become who we are: the white Church.

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