The life of a fisherman

I was looking through some old papers I had in cleaning out my desk, and I came across a poem I had written some time ago. Thought you might like it. For I worked on a lobster boat when I was a young lad. And that was the inspiration for this poem.

December 21, 1997

The life of a fisherman

Day burst upon the seen, with somewhat of a wintry sheen.

Wind whispering around the neck, the sound of ice crystals, crushing under foot on a wooden deck.

The ocean so calm and peaceful now, but for a short time ago, bedlam rained, and precious life was expected to go.

Arms now resting and hanging slack, mussels used for so long acing, fatigue settling in the back.

Lips sore, parched and cracked, but a smile comes creeping back, with the thought of yet another one of Gods days to be unfolded.

What will it bring the fishermen wonders, as the first sip of coffee hit’s the tongue and warms the shoulders.

The life of a fisherman is not easy, but there are things that make it worthwhile.

The thought of home , family, wife and children, good friends and his God.

These are the things that bring the smile.

The knowledge that good work from hand and mind, bring peace of heart, and in kind will settle in the soul where God dwells.

For the fisherman is content to take his place upon the deck of his home away.

A home that is foreign to most folks, but not to him, not this day.

For he has been here many times with friend and kin.

Such is the life of a fisherman.

Out on the waters so wild and free.

Out where you can be one with god, and you and he, can dance on wave tops and sing with ease,

where you can fill your lungs with clean air from the oceans breeze, and gaze at the stars set in the sky, like tiny stepping stones, leading one home.

Out where the dolphins play and glide, where the whales sing and the sail fin rise to great the new day.

Oh the life of a fisherman is not easy, but it is best for him, for such is the life of a fisherman.

So when its time for him to stay, with his God and leave his life within, pray, that he has passed along the love of the sea to other men.

For such is the life of a fisherman.

Roger E Tracy Whitlock

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