As Special Counsel Robert Mueller flails around trying to find non-existent evidence of Trump Campaign collusion with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton for the presidency, it occurs to me they have been digging their own graves.

Early on in the, “Investigation”, I observed that it appeared the Democrats were accusing the Trump Campaign of doing exactly what they had been doing all along.

Their first mistake was to assume Hillary would win the election easily, so the nefarious actors of the DNC, the FBI, Justice Department and CIA committed clearly illegal acts they assumed would never be discovered, and even if rumors of their evil deeds reached the public after the election, they knew Hillary & Company would cover it up.

I can only imagine what the bad actors in the DNC, FBI, CIA and Justice Department thought when they saw the election night results come in.  Their reaction wasn’t consistent with simply losing an ideological political position of power.  Normally, the losing side takes a philosophical attitude, resigns itself to reality and promises to do better next time.

But instead of the normal reaction to such a loss, they chose to pursue an historically untried conspiracy to distract and discourage our newly elected president to such an extent that he would be too busy beating off their rabid liberal press to even begin to drain the swamp of the real culprits left over from the Obama Administration, and probably former President Obama himself.

I doubt President Trump ever really wanted to go after Hillary Clinton and the rest of the scumbags in the Obama Administration.  The ever pragmatic Trump would often smile when the crowd shouted, “Lock her up”, but if you were paying attention (and I was) you would remember that candidate Trump never committed to prosecuting Hillary Clinton or any of the rest of the rats.  It was Trump’s initial plan to simply put the past behind and pursue those policies that would truly make America great again.  But those responsible in the DNC, FBI, liberal media, Justice and CIA decided to activate their so-called, “Insurance Policy”, intended to confound, frustrate and confuse Trump and his people with false allegations that Trump and his campaign staff had somehow colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton.

They even had a back-up plan in case their puppet, former FBI Director James Comey, was fired, and that was to convince Attorney General Jeff Session to recuse himself from any investigation involving Russian collusion.  Once Sessions had recused himself, that duty then went to Obama leftover Rod Rosenstein, Sessions‘s inherited Deputy Attorney General, who appointed Robert Mueller, a close friend of Comey, as Independent Counsel to investigate Russian interference in the election.  Mueller then went on to appoint the most rabid anti-Trump investigators he could find to man the investigation.

After a full year, no evidence of any Trump Campaign/ Russian collusion has been found, but because inside rat Rod Rosenstein allowed Mueller to pursue any avenue of criminal activity found during his investigation, retired General Michael Flynn, former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manifort and one other low-level Trump campaign worker were indicted for crimes having nothing whatsoever to do with Trump Campaign Russian collusion.

Their alleged crimes mostly involved lying to the FBI.  Mueller’s team also charged that Manifort had lobbied for the Ukrainian Government without registering as a foreign agent long before his association with the Trump Campaign, and tax fraud for hiding income he’d received from the Ukrainians.

Thanks to a lying and illegitimate media, these charges were presented as if they had something to do with Trump’s campaign when in fact they had nothing whatsoever to do with the campaign at all.  It gave false hope to grieving Liberals that there was a chance to impeach President Trump, remove him from office and thereby stop any investigation into their own criminal activity — and that is what this whole conspiracy is about:  Escaping justice.

They didn’t panic just because Trump won; they panicked because Trump’s win made them vulnerable to serious federal charges of corruption involving the Uranium One deal and using a DNC and Hillary paid-for fake dossier on Trump that was used to secure FISA search warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign.  Now we have another revelation that the Obama Administration intentionally blocked a major investigation into drug smuggling by the terrorist group Hamas.  Apparently, Obama did this in order to secure the Iranian Nuclear Deal, although I’m a bit fuzzy on the nexus between the two.

One of the major suspects in the anti-Trump plot is Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who has been questioned by congressional investigators behind closed doors, and who reportedly was not forthcoming about his involvement in using the fake Trump dossier to secure FISA search warrants against the Trump Campaign.  It was just announced that McCabe is, “retiring”, from the FBI.

In the coming months we can expect to see prosecutions for corruption and other crimes against Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, former AG Loretta Lynch, Ben Rhodes and possibly even former President Barrack Obama.  There will be indictments against many lower level FBI, Justice and other government employees who also conspired to block President Trump from doing his job through intentional press leaks.

Frankly, this incredible conspiracy, once fully investigated and exposed, is going to make any former scandal, including Watergate, seem inconsequential.  And here’s the funny part:  I doubt it would have reached this point had the guilty ones just sat back, let Trump do his job and hope for the best!

Years ago, a young lady I knew said something profound that I’ve never forgot.  She said, “Cunning often outwits itself”.  I pondered on that, and she was right.  Some people are just smart, some people are smart and wise, and some people are just plain cunning.  Invariably, it is the latter group that outwits itself because they lack moral and ethical constraints, meaning the ends always justify the means no matter how illegal or unethical — and that is exactly what they did and what they will face the music for.

But remember this:  Probably nothing would have happened had they just let Trump take office and pursue his agenda, and that is how they outwitted themselves.

Carl F. Worden

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