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I watched an interview on the noon news today about *A Place For Mom* – An issue so many families have or will need to deal with as parents age.  They spoke of having THAT talk with your senior family member to find out what they want to do – while that discussion can still take place.

I long ago had *THAT* conversation with my kids – not expecting them to have it with me.

I also have kept my Will updated over the years and have included a couple addendums to my Will on things that just don’t fit in a Will.  The giving of certain things that are to go to which heir providing those things are still in my possession.  Like one of my grandsons loves all my Black Cast Iron cookware so that is set forth in one of those addendums.

In the other one I have put in writing my instructions as to what to do with my ‘remains’.  This way no one has to guess and they all know what I prefer they do.  First was to not spend one cent over what the LAW requires in burying a dead body.  I would be okay with a plastic bag in a hole but the LAW won’t let us do that.  No fancy casket or even funeral.

The point is that *I* am no longer in that dead body so do not waste $$ on burying it.  No engraved tombstones either.  Save whatever I have left and use it to help each other.  And I am not into weekly or monthly or even yearly visits to a grave site.  I am not there either.

I try very hard to pay attention to my driving abilities so that I don’t cause an accident.  Too many Seniors refuse to accept the FACT they may not be good drivers so they put others at risk when they get behind the wheel.  Be honest and give up the keys when you find those little (or big) nicks from having hit something.

Try to be a RESPONSIBLE SENIOR and take the initiative to set things in writing and to invite your family over to have THAT TALK.  You would do so if you were going on a long vacation and needed them to come water the yard or make sure the living unit hadn’t been broken into.

I see some of this in the complex I am living in right now.  People who should hand in their keys but refuse to do so.  I had one who parked next to my vehicle and I can tell you there wasn’t much walk by room between her car and mine….  and she has a bunch of *encounter marks* on the sides of her car.

Anyway –  If you are a senior – or if you have a senior family member –  Check this place out and see if it answers some questions and maybe will prompt you to have THAT TALK.  If you want things done YOUR WAY then put it in writing now and make sure those who are to take care of it have a copy.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN   idzrus@earthlink.net



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