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I forgot to include another important piece of information that I have put together for my *handlers* after I go HOME.

Most of us have bank accounts

Some have auto deposits and auto withdrawals.

That information with account numbers and who and when should be put in writing for the ones having to take care of things afterwards.

Same goes for Credit card accounts.

And let us not forget the life insurance policies.

The title to any vehicles

Insurance on the vehicles and on the property The mortgage or deed to real property Stocks and bonds.

A detailed list of who must be notified of the death so as to not incur any penalties.

IE:  phone bill

TV provider

Computer provider – ISP

all utilities – electrical, water, sewer

Mail delivery (if PO Box or other)

Deliveries like Schwaans or similar.

Home delivery of news papers

Any subscriptions (magazines etc)

In other words – any and ALL transactions the person deals with in daily life.

Provide as much detailed info as will be needed.

Remember, it will be a confusing time to deal with all these details for the person left in charge so let’s make it as simple and easy as we can.

Thanks to all of you who responded thanking me for reminding you of having THAT TALK in your family.

We all are going to die and someone will be left trying to deal with all the issues at that time.

Jackie Juntti

WGEN  idzrus@earthlink.net

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