INTO THE NIGHT; a book by Ivy Scarborough

Into the Night is a powerful, unflinching review of Western civilization’s pilgrimage into a new Dark Age. Exhaustively researched, meticulously written, and panoramic in scope, it merges impressive scholarship with astonishing and original insights forged in daunting real-world experience. History’s greatest historians and sociologists—Arnold Toynbee, Pitirim Sorokin, Christopher Dawson, and Oswald Spengler among them—are deployed as scholarly cannonade. Ivy Scarborough draws on diverse skills and extraordinary, far-ranging experiences—from the perspectives of eight war zones, university professor of international studies, history and political science, commentator, and lawyer—to put these scholars’ views into the context of twenty-first-century events and our culture’s rampant self-absorption.

If it is possible to arrest the decline, the citizens of the West must be willing to courageously face bitter realities and acknowledge the West’s abandonment of core beliefs that made it the freest, most prosperous, and most powerful civilization in history. With uncompromising defiance of political correctness, ideological and partisan slants, prejudices, and cultural conformity, the author gives no quarter. Scarborough panders to no group or institution and defers to no individual. His compelling, authoritative logic relentlessly strips away self-delusion, denial, and superficiality to confront the culture’s heart of darkness—illuminating its peril in order to boldly propose the one strategy that might alter Western civilization’s catastrophic course.

At the time Into the Night was nearing completion, the strategic plan included an intensive, nationwide marketing and promotion campaign for the book which would then be followed in a year or so by the publication of an abridged version. This is the usual pattern for works of great size and complexity – the authoritative version first, followed by a condensation.

Throughout the years of research and writing of the original work, Ivy and Mona had funded the mission entirely from their own savings. However, despite their diligence in “counting the costs”, projections of cost provided to them almost without exception fell short of actual costs. By the time the writing was completed and publication was being arranged, most of the Scarborough’s savings and retirement had been exhausted.

The result – less than 500 copies of Into the Night were printed and no marketing or promotion was possible. This meant that Into the Night – The Crisis of Western Civilization never received media attention or the critical exposure necessary for any book to gain recognition. It has been estimated that less than 1500 people have ever even heard of Into the Night. The actual number is probably well below that.

This has been a great disappointment since the book’s purpose in offering a strategic plan for a new and Christ focused course of action for the American church and our nation has never been fulfilled. The difficulties and hardships in bringing this about prompted surprising observations from some who learned of the circumstances.  One woman, who had been in Christian publishing all of her professional life, declared, “The Devil really hates this book!”  This was a viewpoint shared by J.R. Gould when he took the role of Executive Director of Decision Point.  A man of immense faith who served 14 years with his wife Shirley as missionaries in the most dangerous areas of Kenya, J.R. observed that Mona and Ivy had been the victims of “spiritual warfare”.

Throughout there have been urgings for Ivy to write an abridgement – a shortened and streamlined version of the message of Into the Night. One advocate, a lady lawyer, in a surprising act of generosity, volunteered a $1000 donation to Decision Point America as initial funding.

The abridgement project was frustratingly delayed by Ivy’s health as described in another article in this newsletter, but barring unforeseen circumstances, he hopes to have it ready for printing by spring 2018.

A fundraising effort will be needed to make certain that the fate of the original book does not befall the abridgement when it is ready for publication.

For that reason a gradual search has begun for individuals who have fundraising skills.  One approach suggested is crowd fundingDecision Point needs to locate individuals experienced in crowd funding.

If you know of individuals with these abilities please let us know.

Your prayers and your ideas are welcome. God may use someone reading this to achieve this mission.

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