Man Sees Age 4 Girl Playing Alone in Snow, Calls 911. Cops Led to Mom’s Body

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid getting involved in situations they may come across.

Whether it be self-preservation, genuine disinterest, or not wanting to step on the toes of other people’s life choices, it seems safer to mind your own business.

A person’s likeliness to get involved also correlates to their perception of safety in the environment. Those in rough areas are conditioned to see less so that they can say less.

On Dec. 27, Marcus King was headed through a rough part of town in Ogden, Utah, to go play basketball.

While passing a playground near the Marshall White Community Center, a small voice caught his attention.

It was just before 6 p.m. and already dark and bitterly cold. Still, King initially thought nothing of a child playing in the snow.

That changed when he got closer and could see something was terribly wrong. The young girl was alone, and didn’t have any jacket or shoes on.

Without a second thought, King approached the girl and took her to the nearby community center to call authorities. The child tried to explain that her mother was “not paying attention” because she was “on the floor sleeping.”

King waited nearly three hours for authorities to find the 4-year-old’s home. The child had wandered across the street before stopping to play and being discovered.

When they found the child’s house, the front door was standing open. Inside, the child’s 41-year-old mother had died 15-24 hours earlier.

“There is no sign of foul play,” Lt. Tim Scott told KTSU. “There are some pre-existing medical conditions that may have played a roll.”

The child was taken into care with the Division of Child and Family Services. Authorities hope to find relatives that can care for the little girl.

“This is not a good part of Ogden,” King explained. “There’s a lot of weirdos around here and I’m really really fortunate and happy that I got her and nobody else did.”

I think of all the times I’ve walked around town with my headphones on and wonder if I’d even hear the sound of a small voice in need.

With all of us so focused on our next task, it’s easy to walk by, oblivious to someone in need — regardless of the area’s reputation.

King, however, wasn’t like that. Not only was he alert, observant, and proactive, he put his day on hold to make sure that a small child — a vulnerable stranger — was safe.

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