The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it has taken seven Superfund sites either completely or partially off of its list last year.

The deletions of sites in 2017 — four partial and three complete — mean that the EPA judged those sites sufficiently cleaned up from past pollution.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is touting the deletions as a victory in his mission to chip away at the 1,300 or so sites for which the agency is overseeing cleanups.

“We have made it a priority to get these sites cleaned up faster and in the right way,” Pruitt said in a Tuesday statement.

“By creating a streamlined task force and making major remedy decisions that hold potentially responsible parties accountable for clean up, the Superfund program is carrying out the Agency’s mission of protecting human health and the environment more every day.”

In 2016 the EPA only deleted two Superfund sites, one complete and one partial.

But previous years showed similar or higher deletion records. The EPA removed seven sites in 2015, 15 sites in 2014 and 12 sites in 2013.

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