Black Unemployment Rate Hits All-Time Low, Hispanic Unemployment at Near Record Low

Wasn’t the previous administration supposed to have done this?  And how can anyone claim, with a straight face, that this president is racist?

Here’s the thing – despite George Soros’ best efforts to create absolute chaos and social unrest through the many subversive leftist groups he funds, Trump is succeeding in his promises to return this country to its former greatness far more than the unhinged liberal media wants to admit.  Instead, they keep throwing around the specter of impeachment as though it were something to undertake simply because they don’t like him, when in fact it requires pretty serious requirements to be met (i.e. crimes must have been committed), which so far has not materialized, try as they might.

Whether you like the guy or not, you can’t argue with successes like these in only his first year in office.



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