Really Want to know what the Liberal side of the Democrat Party thinks of the South…..

Why The South Votes Republicans

This was posted and sent to us this morning… and they call us racist.

As in the past I posted the poorest States which the South occupies the top ten. There also the highest in Food stamp distribution, the highest number of people Per Capita receiving Medicare. They receive the lowest wages and pay less taxes than all of the Blue states. They have the lowest level of education. These are the same people that coin the phrase of takers in this country. As I have posted in the past it’s these southern states that are actually the takers. But yet they vote for the republicans that are trying to take all these social programs away. There has to be a reason. It amazes me as to why they vote against there own self interest.

So in past I explained that incest is the highest in rural areas in the south it’s excepted as a tradition . Now along with Pedaphile’s being excepted expecially in Alabama. I decided to look up the states with the highest number of STD sexually transmitted diseases.

As I explained in the past through researching Physiologist doing a study of people that except a pathological liar like trump and why they support him even though he lies constantly. The actual disease is Illusory Truth It’s explained that it has something to do with there brains and the inability to process false statements which are repeated to them everyday and it becomes there truth and no way to convince them that they are living a lie.

So the least educated people along with incest there brain doesn’t stand a chance to develop. And I fact checked the states with the most cases of STD which also effects the brain. And starting with number one. Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Alabama, Illinois And Texas.

With the highest rate of incest and Sexual transmitted diseases I think it’s time We understand that we finally understand why the south votes against there own self interest and excepts Pedaphile’s, there brains are fried and have no understanding between fact or fiction.

But at least now we know.

Illusory Truth= Incest and STD

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