Mysterious Group Funds Ads Supporting Senator Lamar Alexander’s Environmental Spending Plan

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Nashville, Tennessee – July 9, 2013.  A recently formed statist environmentalist group is spending tens of thousands of dollars in Tennessee running television and radio ads supporting Republican Senator Lamar Alexander’s plan to double federal spending on energy research.

The left-leaning group ‘Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions’ has dropped at least $50,735 on television advertising in the Nashville and Memphis markets alone. Comparable spending in the other major Tennessee markets could bring the true spending total to an estimated $150,000 for one week of television advertising.

Matt Collins, an activist with the Tennessee Campaign for Liberty, questions the motives behind these ads

It is curious that a newly formed lobbyist group is able to spend such a large amount of dark money so quickly since their inception. Where did this money come from?” he questioned.“It’s not surprising that they are supporting Senator Lamar Alexander’s energy plan since he votes with Obama 62% of the time. I guess that’s why he earned the nickname ‘Liberal Lamar’ from DC insiders.

Total reported spending on these advertisements by ‘Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions’ as of this release is as follows:

WSMV – Nashville – $17,190 (July 1-8)

WKRN – Nashville – $6,500 (July 1-8)

WREG – Memphis – $16,550 (July 1-7)

WMC-TV – Memphis – $10,495 (July 1-7)

Advertisements are also running on WATE in Knoxville but they have yet to file their FCC disclosure paperwork along with other stations across Tennessee. Radio advertisements similar to those on television are running on radio stations in various major media markets in Tennessee as well.  The television and radio advertisements themselves can be viewed at

‘Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions’ was incorporated in Delaware on July 12, 2012.

Lobbyist paperwork (document 1) and (document 2) was filed by both James Dozier of Civitas Public Affairs Group and Jennifer LaTourette of McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies in March and April of 2013 respectively (source 1) and (source 2).

James Dozier is also listed as the chairman of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions according to the FCC paperwork filed by the stations.  Mr. Dozier is a veteran of liberal causes, including the Victory Fund, Gill Action and work for pro-abortion Congresswoman Connie Morella.

Collins continues:

Other questions remain such as the organization’s true agenda. The ‘Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions’ website is vague as to their actual goals indicating that their activities are shrouded in secrecy; what are they hiding? Regarding Senator Alexander’s energy plan, why is he pushing part of President Obama’s radical environmental agenda? There is nothing Constitutional about it

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