Hamilton County Planning Commission Recommends Approval For Bed And Breakfast Near The Lake Despite ‘Tons Of Opposition”

The Planning Commission on Monday recommending approval for a special use permit for a nine-bedroom bed and breakfast near the lake despite “tons of opposition.”

Jennifer Petty said she plans to build a 7,000-square-foot B&B on 19.1 acres on Hixson Marina Road. She also has plans for a wedding venue on an adjacent 23 acres. It will have 9,000 square feet and hold up to  300 guests. There will be parking for up to 150 vehicles.

The bed and breakfast will be two stories and the wedding venue one story.

Ms. Petty goes before the Hamilton County Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday to try to get approval for the wedding venue.

She said she plans to spend over $1 million to beautify the grounds, including putting in two ponds with fountains.

Ms. Petty said there would not be amplified music outside. She said there would be no alcohol at the B&B and drinking at the wedding venue would stop an hour prior to close of the event. There will be a state-approved bartender.

She said she will be live onsite in a 750-square-foot home she plans to build.

T.U. Parks is the contractor on the project.

Attorney Tom Hayslett, of the Miller and Martin firm, said Ms. Petty had met all the requirements of the special use permit.

The lawyer on the other side, Joe Manuel, disagreed, saying it would bring traffic, noise and a degradation of property values to the lakeside neighborhood.

Several neighbors said they believe guests to the facilities will be steered by GPS through their neighborhoods.

One cited a concern about emergency vehicles being able to get through on the narrow road.

Opponents overflowed the downstairs section of the County Courthouse meeting room and crowded an upper balcony.

The motion to approve included a condition of a 100-foot buffer from residential areas. The staff recommendation to approve had included 50 feet.

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