Former Chattanooga City Councilman Duke Franklin Says Wife Shot Him After Allegations Of Past Infidelity

Former City Councilman John “Duke” Franklin Jr. told police that his wife shot him after an argument over his alleged “past infidelities.” Mr. Franklin, in 2008, had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Under a the agreement made in November of 2009, a money laundering charge was dropped.

Jennifer Franklin has been charged with domestic assault.

Duke Franklin was interviewed by police after he went to Erlanger Hospital for treatment of a bullet wound to the calf.

He told police, in the incident on Sunday, he and his wife had been drinking, then began arguing.

He said his wife picked up her pink Charter Arms 38 Special revolver and fired a shot. He said she never pointed the gun at his head or chest.

Police said Duke Franklin had a scratch over his right eye and a red nose consistent with being involved in an altercation.

Police found Ms. Franklin at the couple’s residence on King Arthur Road. The gun was found on her bed.

She acknowledged she had fired the gun and had put the spent shell casing and projectile in the trash can. Those items were retrieved by police.

Ms. Franklin had no marks on her, it was stated.

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