Folks,  If you could see a *uniform* of a foreign army on these ILLEGALS would you then stand up and take ACTION against them??  There is a law against giving aid and comfort to the ENEMY and these ILLEGALS ARE an ENEMY of America.  Every employer who gives them a job is doing exactly that – giving Aid and Comfort to the ENEMY.

Every member of Congress and SCOTUS who fails to uphold their oath of office by finding ways to circumvent the LAW is guilty
as well and should be brought up on charges for their crime.

I sent an email to the White House yesterday on this issue    – I think that Pres. Trump SHOULD add this 14th Amendment issue to his list of eliminating the Lottery – the Chain Migration – and building the Wall.

If everyone did what YOU are doing (or NOT doing) what kind of shape would America be in???  America has good rules on how to come to America LEGALLY and those who refuse to abide are NOT what we want here.  Those who sneak in are nothing more than THIEVES AND CRIMINALS – they have no desire to obey our laws when they ignore the first law of how to enter our nation.  Each and every person here who promotes the ILLEGALS and fights to keep them here is an ENEMY WITHIN.  ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!!

Jackie Juntti

Temporary Protected Status Reportedly Terminated for El Salvador

The Washington Post reports today that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nationals of El Salvador will not be renewed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). According to the paper, Salvadoran nationals “will have until September 2019 to leave or seek other means to obtain lawful residency.”

Under section 244 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), the secretary of Homeland Security may grant TPS and employment authorization to nationals of designated countries. As long as TPS is in effect, those aliens who have been granted status may not be removed, except under very limited circumstances.

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