State Senator Begging for Money

If you are a Republican and you receive emails from Republican office holders as we do, you have been deluged with pleas from Tennessee State Senator Brian Kelsey for money. He keeps telling us he has an opponent for the State Senate office that he currently now holds. We are not sure who that is yet, but we will let you know when we find out. If there is, we are hoping that it is someone more conservative than he. During his campaign for the Republican primary for 8th Congressional seat in Tennessee he, espoused his conservative views. Very few of those supposed views ever made their way to the state house floor.

This does not mean he is not a good politician. He follows all the right moves, shakes all the right hands and votes the moderate ticket. In the most liberal county in the state, this is probably wise, but he is a magnet for hate from the papers. The Tennessean, the Commercial Appeal, and Gannet in general don’t like him and you will find plenty of hate in their opposing letters.

So what is it that we don’t like about him? He caves….. He demonstrates a lack of commitment the political principals of conservatism and he promotes for a greater control over education by tying education, private and public, to the federal government.

Yep, that about sums it up.

He is a bad State Senator… in our opinion yes. Should we oppose his re-election? Depends on his opponent and his opponents stances.

Till then, we will wait and see.

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