Paul Nehlen Is the Alt Right’s 2018 Candidate

by Adam Grey   |   Faith and Heritage

In the midst of a messy runup to the 2018 midterm Congressional elections, and following the horrendous defeat of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama’s special senatorial election, it’s welcome news that there may be the one candidate that anyone with a pro-white, pro-American sentiment can rally around.

Paul Nehlen is /ourguy/.

The inventor, businessman, nationalist, and 2016 Republican primary opponent to Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan is running for Congress again in 2018, and he’s got news for the Left and Right alike.

He’s a businessman with a solid track record. He’s an unabashed anti-globalist who went way out on a limb to attack Ryan and support President Trump during the 2016 campaign. He’s received support from Queen Ann Coulter for opposing Muslim immigration into the U.S. and for opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He’s a motorcycle-riding Gen Xer who doesn’t shrink from confrontation. He campaigned for Moore during his late Alabama campaign despite all the allegations made against Moore. He is openly Christian, pro-life, anti-LGBTQ, and a proponent of sweeping reforms to prevent future Alt Right shuttenings by left-wing social media platforms.

Most importantly, he’s not afraid to be publicly pro-white.

He’s gotten into heated Twitter fights with a host of anti-whites, including notable Jewish neocon editor, John Podhoretz, Jewish “free speech” activist Ari Cohn, and black journalist Richard Lawler. He’s been on TRS podcast Fash the Nation twice already, once in 2016 and once in December 2017. As he recalled to Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram this December,

“If people watch you stand in the face of the people like [the] John Podhoretzes of the world, the people who want to throw their parentheses at you — I have no time for that,” Nehlen said. “I’m not afraid of those guys.”

Anti-white media such as the Huffington Post are now trying to label, marginalize, and demonize Nehlen by pointing and sputtering at his words and actions. Israeli media outlet Haaretz is also jumping on the “Nehlen is literally Hitler” bandwagon.

HuffPost emailed Nehlen on Wednesday detailing some of these — and other — flirtations he’s made with being an avowed white nationalist. Asked if he considers himself either a white nationalist or a member of the alt-right, Nehlen largely dodged the question, sending the following statement:

“I’m a successful businessman and have had something like 20,000 employees around the globe of every color, race, and creed; not to mention patented inventions so attempts to paint me as anything but a successful businessman reflect on the media’s identity politics not my Christian faith. Besides ― it’s true that it’s okay to be white ― it’s pretty awesome in fact.”


A guy who posts like this on Twitter is not only temperamentally akin to then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016, but is also more pro-white than he ever was.

He’s quoting /pol/ in public. If that’s his base constituency, it means he is ideologically yoked to the Generation Zyklon agenda of making America great again by making America white again. He wants to lead a fresh crop of white male Christian activists in saving their country. Naturally then, Nehlen is being regarded as the model for future Alt Right politicians.

Nehlen has promised to release more of a definitive statement of his positions and his self-identification.

Whether or not Nehlen declares himself a white nationalist or Alt Right is not as important as whether or not he governs as one. We know that there is a long way to go before openly pro-white political activism will become a relatively powerful counterweight to openly anti-white political activism. In time, and with the safety that comes with numbers, there will be successful, openly pro-white politicians. How we get there is a matter of trial, error, and God working in mysterious ways.

We should support Nehlen because he is /ourguy/ and has positioned himself as such for two election cycles now. Despite his defeat in 2016, he refused to cede ground to the globalists and anti-whites. He doubled down. That takes a special kind of guts and a true commitment to the cause. To donate to Nehlen’s campaign, go here. To volunteer, go here. To follow him on Twitter, go here. To read his bio, go here.

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