Nashville Mayor ‘Moonbeam’ Megan Barry Attacks President Trump in Speech on MLK Day

The Tennessee Star

At an event billed to celebrate the life and times of Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday, Nashville Mayor “Moonbeam” Megan Barry went out of her way to blatantly accuse President Trump of racism.

In a video clip posted by The Tennessean, Mayor Barry is seen onstage, bundled in black against the frigid afternoon. “You know, this week, we went from whose button is bigger, to a payoff.”

After a short pause, Barry added, “And in between all of that was a whole lot of racism.”

In the audio of the short video clip, the audience reaction – if there was any – is not picked up by the microphone system. Only few stray voices in the background can be heard as Mayor Barry nods in agreement with herself onstage.

Moving on, she said, “And what we need is all of you in this org– audience to make sure you are standing up. And that starts with making sure our kids who are our DACA recipients get to stay here, and dream here and that’s all up to us.”

The Tennessean abruptly ends the 32-second video before any ovation in reaction to Ms. Barry’s remarks can be heard from the audience.

The left-leaning Gannett news outlet first tweeted about the Mayor’s remarks at 10:17am to its 250,000+ followers.

In the first four hours the tweet was posted, the news earned only 24 retweets and 27 replies, which was made up of many animated critics of Ms. Barry and her statement, and a few supporters.

Gretchen Cox tweeted, “Mayor is supposed to be non partisan. Is she expanding her voice to make a run for a different office in the future?”

David Staton responded, “Smart thing to say unless you stop to think about how big the numbers were when Trump won TN in 2016.”

@PlayActionBoot simply posted this gif:

Prior to the annual MLK Youth Rally event where Ms. Barry made her remarks, organizers held a march. Radio station 101.1 The Beat was on hand to tweet of this short video of the crowd just prior to the Monday morning’s march.

The march began at the Jefferson Street Missionary Baptist Church and ended at the University of Tennessee Gentry Center – about a three-quarters of a mile in all (according to Google maps).

Trevecca Social Justice Students were on hand to take part in this morning’s march. Trevecca University president Dan Boone recently withdrew the school as a venue for a Homeland Security summit, citing concerns over complaints by one or more alumni.

Several far-left organizations made their presence known at the March, including the Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. This 3 minute video, shot by local photographer Ricky Martin and posted to Facebook, features a veritable who’s-who of progressive and social justice groups and causes.

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