Do You Really Want Common Core Removed? Then Get with it

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A very concerning debate will take place next Tuesday.

PLEASE CALL YOUR SEC Member and Politely Demand that the GOP pull out of supporting this debate with the Democrat Party and make them aware that we want Common Core removed from the State’s Education system.

The Event flyer is attached:

Find your State Executive Committee member here:

An email from a Patriot alerting us of this event:

Over the last few days, some friends of mine on the state executive committee of the Republican party made me aware of something that I just cannot believe we conservatives are allowing to happen.

Attached to this email is the sponsorship list of a gubernatorial debate taking place Jan. 23rd in Nashville.  As you can see, both the Tennessee REPUBLICAN and Tennessee DEMOCRAT PARTIES are listed as sponsors.  The debate is organized by SCORE, the state’s strongest supporter of Common Core.  Late last week, TN Republican Party Chairman Scott Golden (who barely won his election) agreed that the Republican party should join with the Democrat party DURING THE PRIMARY to sponsor the debate and FORCE OUR REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES to debate DEMOCRATS, stupidly using our strong party platform thanks to TRUMP to boost Democrat candidates. This guy is clearly a moron.

From talking to a few of my friends on the Republican state executive committee, I am shocked that Scott Golden would take this action without even talking any of the members of the State Executive Committee who hired him.

This debate was announced over a month ago yet Scott Golden chose to sponsor the debate with the Tennessee Democrat Party in the last day or two.  Other sponsors of what I’m lovingly calling the “COMMON CORE DEBATE” include:

1) Complete Tennessee, a pro-Common Core organization Chaired by “Republican” governor candidate and forum participant Randy Boyd

2) United Way, which still funds pro-abortion Planned Parenthood after they were caught selling parts of aborted babies

3) Tennessee Education Association teachers union union

4) Tennessee Educational Equity Coalition, a group closely tied to pro-illegal immigration groups like Conexion Americas

It’s no wonder why many folks I’ve talked to are calling this the “Common Core” debate….

One might wonder how this all leaked out.  The answer is SCORE functionary David Mansouri.  David has bragged loudly and frequently that he was going to “strong arm every Republican candidate into attending” by forcing the Tennessee Republican Party to sponsor the event. Loose lips sink ships…… even Common Core Debate ships.

From what I’m told…when the conservatives on the State Executive Committee became aware of this they were understandably livid and called Scott “Straw-Man” Golden to ask “why would we let our party get in ap position where a Common Core group could force the Republican Party to do ANYTHING?”

Scott “Straw-man” Golden didn’t waste any time selling out his puppeteers.  The answer is absolutely pathetic and tells you how spineless our state party and Straw-Man Golden are. Straw-Man Golden has now told several State Executive Committee Members, “(SCORE Chairman) Bill Frist called Governor Haslam and (deep-pocketed) GOP donor Jim Ayers and told them to pressure me into sponsoring the debate. I had no choice. They assured me the state party would have no money for the general if I didn’t do it.” Keep in mind several of these clowns supported DEMOCRAT Phil Bredesen for Governor over conservative Republican Van Hillary back in the day….they clearly have not changed.

As best I can recall this happened back in the early 1990’s and the scumbags back then made good on their threat.  Some of that history can be found hereherehere and here.

It’s no surprise Common Core supporters Frist and Haslam would want GOP buy-in to a debate sponsored in part by a group run by never-Trumper Randy Boyd.  But why would Jim Ayers care about this? Anti-Fake News The Tennessee Star answered that awhile back.

Boyd is getting help in his “complete” mission from fellow Leadership Tennessee classmate, Janet Ayers who is a Complete Tennessee and SCORE board member. Ayers and Boyd were both 2013 first-year participants in Haslam’s Leadership Tennessee program.

Ayers is president (and co-founder) of the Ayers Foundation. The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation at Lipscomb University in Nashville was founded in 2012 using a $1 million dollar donation from the Ayers foundation . A few months later, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission awarded the Ayers Institute a $1.2 million contract for teacher training materials implementing the new Tennessee Common Core standards.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, there’s more. Renata Soto, founder and director of Conexion Americas, Board chairman of the National Council of La Raza and Nashville ‘Indivisible’ organizer is on the Steering Committee of Common-Core supporting SCORE and is a Complete Tennessee board member.

There you have it, the Tennessee Republican Party is controlled by anti-Trump Common Core supporters. 

Please forward this to your lists and get the word out to help us kill the Common Core Debate OR at the very least, convince the GOP to pull out of sponsoring this debate.

Find your TN. Legislator here:

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US TO PUSH THE State of Tennessee to a position of Sovereignty as was originally meant in the U.S. &
State of TN. Constitutions. 

If not now, WHEN? 

If not us, WHO?

WE are STRONGER when we speak with ONE VOICE!  


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